The Canadian Writer’s Handbook 6th Edition by William E. Messenger | A Book Review

The Canadian Writer's Handbook 6th Edition by William E. Messenger

Title: The Canadian Writer’s Handbook 6th Edition

Author: William E. Messenger, Jan de Bruyn, Judy Brown, Ramona Montagnes

Genre: Nonfiction (Writing)

About the book: The sixth edition of the handbook contains updated information about drafting proposals, writing essays, documenting sources (MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE formatting), and everything in between. The authors break down diction, punctuation, etc., in detail. It is over 600 pages long.

First impressions: I wanted to brush up on my grammar, so I decided to read the entire handbook. The title is fine, but I wish the cover was more visually appealing.

Content: There is a table of contents, an index, and a few appendices at the end. The authors take a Canadian approach to spelling as well as style. I like how they included many examples, exercises, checklists, and tips.


“But it is usually preferable to adopt a straightforward, moderate style, a level of diction that both respects the intelligence of the reader and strives to communicate with the reader as effectively as possible.”

Writing: The book is well-written, and there’s a lot of information. Even though I read the book cover to cover, the handbook is a great resource to reference because the authors make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Final thoughts: I would recommend picking up The Canadian Writer’s Handbook if you’re interested in learning more about writing. The research and documentation chapters are especially helpful for students.

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