The Berlin Girl – Mandy Robotham | A Book Review

The Berlin Girl - Mandy Robotham

Title: The Berlin Girl

Author: Mandy Robotham

Genre: Historical Fiction

About the book: It follows Georgie Young, a reporter, who arrives in Berlin when the country is on the brink of war. Georgie and Max Spender, another journalist from London, put their life on the line in Nazi Germany.

I received an advanced reader copy from HarperCollins Canada in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I’m a fan of historical fiction, especially stories set around wartime. The premise piqued my curiosity, so I was excited to pick up this novel. I haven’t read anything by Robotham before, so I didn’t know quite what to expect.

Characters: The story mainly revolves around Georgie and Max. I adored how their relationship with each other evolved. I found myself rooting for Georgie because she’s such a strong protagonist. I also enjoyed learning more about the secondary characters, which included other journalists as well as Jewish families.


“Feeling had become a luxury he couldn’t afford.”

Writing: It’s about 400 pages long. The chapters are short, and the chapter titles hint at what’s going to happen. I felt a lot of different emotions while reading as the author examines difficult issues.

Final thoughts: The ending is interesting, and there’s also an epilogue. Robotham uses newspaper articles to show what happens to the different characters after the war. If you want to read about the influence of journalism in Europe leading up to the war, I would recommend The Berlin Girl.

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