Walk the Wire – David Baldacci | A Book Review

Walk the Wire - David Baldacci

Title: Walk the Wire

Author: David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery Thriller

About the book: It’s the sixth book in the Amos Decker series that follows two FBI agents in London, North Dakota. Amos and Alex investigate the murder of Irene Cramer, a teacher for a religious sect that’s operating on land owned by a government facility. As more people die, they have to figure out the identity of the killer before things get worse.

First impressions: I was excited for this novel because I’ve read many of Baldacci’s previous books. The premise piqued my curiosity because it seemed different than other plots. I also like how the title and cover go together.

Characters: I’m a fan of Amos and Alex. I love the crossover with other characters from another series in this story. There’s a lot of individuals involved, but I found it easy enough to follow along.


“Sometimes time doesn’t make a difference in how you feel about someone.”

Writing: It’s almost 500 pages long with short chapters. I enjoyed the twists and turns as I couldn’t predict some of them. The plot is quite complicated with multi-layered storylines.

Final thoughts: I wasn’t too sure how everything would tie together, but the ending felt satisfying in my opinion. Although this isn’t my favourite novel by the author, it’s still a fun read. If you want to read a complex mystery thriller about people with secrets in a fracking town, check out Walk the Wire.

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4 thoughts on “Walk the Wire – David Baldacci | A Book Review

  1. Excellent review! I am glad you’re “clicking right along” as we say in the South, (U.S.) as per your response to my asking how you are doing. We are experiencing some cold weather, something we are not used to.We are really spoiled.


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