The Good Samaritan – CJ Parsons | A Book Review

The Good Samaritan - CJ Parsons

Title: The Good Samaritan

Author: CJ Parsons

Genre: Thriller

About the book: It’s a standalone about a mother named Carrie whose five-year-old child gets abducted from the park. She’s unable to read people’s facial expressions, which may have put her daughter in danger. When a stranger brings Sofia home after a few days, Carrie wonders if the good Samaritans who helped her have ulterior motives.

I received a reader copy from Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: After reading the premise, I was excited to see where the story would go. I also like the title and cover. The beginning made me even more curious about the characters.

Characters: The diversity and representation added a different layer to the story. Carrie is a complex but likeable individual. She has social-emotional agnosia, so she can’t read people’s emotions. While the plot is interesting, I found myself more invested in the people involved because I could relate to them.


“Because when it matters most, you’ll know who to trust.”

Writing: It’s almost 400 pages with short chapters written in the third person. The pacing of the plot picks up at the end. Some events aren’t too difficult to predict, but it was fun to see how everything played out, especially at the end.

Final thoughts: The ending is satisfying in that it wraps up loose ends without dragging things out. I also enjoyed the police procedural parts where an investigator and her team try to find out who abducted Sofia. If you’re looking for a thriller with great characterization and development, check out The Good Samaritan.

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