Stay Close – Harlan Coben | A Book Review

Stay Close - Harlan Coben

Title: Stay Close

Author: Harlan Coben

Genre: Mystery Thriller

About the book: It’s a standalone that follows Ray, a talented photographer now working as a paparazzi, Megan, a mom of two who used to walk on the wild side, and Broome, a police detective trying to solve a cold case. They find themselves hiding secrets from everyone around them. The three are haunted by the disappearance of a man seventeen years ago, and when another person disappears on the same date, they have to confront their pasts.

First impressions: I’ve read another novel by Coben before and enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to this one. The premise sounded promising, which made me curious to see how things would play out.

Characters: Ray, Megan, and Broome grew on me as I learned more about their lives. I found them to be complex characters with messy pasts. The secondary characters also added another layer to the story.


“You can find joy and be happy—but you don’t get to have everything.”

Writing: The book is almost 450 pages with short chapter breaks. There are multiple points of view, but I didn’t find myself struggling to follow along. Coben explores some mature topics and difficult issues.

Final thoughts: I enjoyed the ending because it answers lingering questions. I couldn’t predict everything, so the twists and turns kept me turning the pages. In my opinion, this book is a fun thrilling read with a satisfying epilogue. If you’re a fan of funny yet dark murder mysteries, check out Stay Close.

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