The Messy Lives of Book People – Phaedra Patrick | A Book Review

The Messy Lives of Book People - Phaedra Patrick

Title: The Messy Lives of Book People

Author: Phaedra Patrick

Genre: Contemporary

About the book: It’s a standalone about Liv Green, a mother of two, who works as a cleaner but dreams of being a writer. She works for a famous and reclusive author, Essie Starling who passes away shortly after. Liv learns that Essie wants her to finish the author’s novel. As Liv starts to write, she uncovers a secret, revealing a connection between the two women.

I received an advanced reader copy from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I love writing, so I was interested in reading this novel. In my opinion, the title and cover encapsulate the story well. I was curious to see how it would end.

Characters: The book is mainly about Liv and Essie, but there are several secondary characters as well. They’re different in their own way, which made it interesting to learn more about them. It was easy for me to relate to Liv and Essie.


“Success didn’t feel very big when you had no one to share it with.”

Writing: It’s about 350 pages with chapter titles. The pacing is slower in the middle as we learn more about Liv and Essie. I liked the references to different books and the parts about writing.

Final thoughts: I predicted the mystery connection between the women, but I still enjoyed how everything came together because the ending ties up loose ends. It’s a fun, easy escape read about books and family. If you’re a writer or like books about writing, consider checking out The Messy Lives of Book People.

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