The Rumor – Elin Hilderbrand | A Book Review

The Rumor - Elin Hilderbrand

Title: The Rumor

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the book: It’s a standalone that follows two best friends in Madeline King and Grace Panick. Madeline is a novelist, but she struggles with writer’s block and a looming deadline for her next book. Grace works with a landscape architect to transform her family’s backyard, yet she gets a little too close to him. As the small town of Nantucket gossip about them, the two women try to set the record straight.

First impressions: I was curious to see how the story would unfold. As a writer myself, I felt especially interested in Madeline’s perspective because I thought I would resonate with her challenges.

Characters: The novel revolves around Madeline, Grace, and their families. I didn’t expect the story to have so many secondary characters with uncommon names. That said, it wasn’t too confusing to keep track of everyone. The two women are different with their own flaws and problems.


“There was nothing in the world, she decided, that wounded like silence.”

Writing: It’s almost 350 pages with short chapter breaks. There are multiple points of view, but I found it easy to follow. Even though the plot isn’t too hard to predict, the pacing didn’t feel too slow. Hilderbrand explores a variety of issues, some more mature than others.

Final thoughts: I think the ending does a good job wrapping things up and providing closure. If you’re looking for a story about family and friendships, check out The Rumor. It’s a fun, fast read about romance and betrayal.

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