Bring Me Back – B. A. Paris | A Book Review

Bring Me Back - B. A. Paris

Title: Bring Me Back

Author: B. A. Paris

Genre: Mystery Thriller

About the book: It’s a standalone about Finn and Layla, a couple on vacation. Finn stops at a service station but returns to find Layla has disappeared. Twelve years later, he is about to get married to Layla’s sister, Ellen. Everything changes when someone from his past calls to tell him that Layla might still be alive.

First impressions: I thought the premise had a lot of potential for an interesting read. The pacing at the beginning is good, but it slows down afterwards before picking up again.

Characters: The story doesn’t have too many characters, so it mainly revolves around Finn, Layla, and Ellen. They lack depth and didn’t develop much. As such, I didn’t find them likeable or relatable.


“That’s the thing about losing someone; you tend to remember every careless remark, even those made in jest.”

Writing: The book felt a little repetitive at times. I was hoping the plot would be more unpredictable with different twists and turns. The ending didn’t take me by surprise as I saw some things coming before they happened. The author explores dark themes that are quite mature in nature.

Final thoughts: Everything is revealed at the end and loose ends are tied up. The events aren’t very realistic, so I had to suspend disbelief while reading this novel. Even though I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers, Bring Me Back wasn’t really for me. It’s still an easy read with short chapters that might entertain some readers.

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