Stolen Things – R.H. Herron | A Book Review

Stolen Things - R.H. Herron

Title: Stolen Things

Author: R.H. Herron

Genre: Mystery Thriller

About the book: It’s a standalone about Laurie Ahmadi, a 911 police dispatcher, who gets a call from her teenage daughter. Jojo is drugged and disoriented, having been sexually assaulted in the home of Kevin Leeds, a pro football player. As Laurie and Jojo look for Jojo’s best friend who is missing, they realize they can’t trust anyone, not even the police.

First impressions: The title and cover intrigued me. After reading the premise, I was curious to see how the story would play out. The beginning starts off at a good pace.

Characters: I enjoyed the main characters and their development throughout the novel. They make mistakes, but they’re easy to root for. I could relate to Laurie and Jojo, seeing parts of myself in both of them. I also appreciate the representation of different communities.


“Do you know how it feels to grieve the person you love the most in the whole world?”

Writing: It’s almost 350 pages long with short, suspenseful chapters. The story is told in alternating third person perspectives between Laurie and Jojo. Some events are easier to predict, but several twists and turns surprised me. The book explores many sensitive topics like sexual assault, police brutality, and much more.

Final thoughts: Everything is revealed at the end. I’m glad that loose ends are tied up. I would recommend Stolen Things if you’re looking for a book that touches upon contemporary political and racial issues. In my opinion, it’s a heavy but worthwhile read.

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