Why I Dance

When I dance, I don’t want to be doing anything else.

Try as I might to suppress my feelings, I’m an emotional human being. And dance lets me express myself.

I started dancing more in high school. So many moments of my life are dance related.

I remember the highs, times where all I wanted was to dance in my living room. The world and its worries would fall away.

I remember the lowest points, times where I didn’t feel like dancing at all. When I don’t, it’s like I have a million emotions bottled up inside, and I can’t release any of them.

I honestly would not be the person I am today if I didn’t dance.

I don’t even want to think about the decisions I might’ve made if not for music and movement.

Dance taught me how to love my body. Moving forced me to listen to my heart and my head, my arms and my legs.

I dance because I need a creative outlet that’s not writing. I love both. In a way, I get to work out my body and mind.

I dance because I feel good before, during, and after I do.

Dancing helped me cope healthily with some unhealthy issues.

I dance because I love it. I know I’m not the best. I don’t have perfect technique. But I feel like the best version of myself when I’m doing it.

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5 Things You Can Do On Family Day

Since a lot of stores are closed today, you might as well do something different.

Enjoy my ideas!

Give back to the blogging community. This should happen all day, every day. You’re the brothers and sisters I do get to choose.

Surround yourself with books. As many as you can. Go on a hunt for novels you didn’t realize you own. You can thank me later.

Fall more in love with your characters. Create new ones or enjoy your current characters. I don’t think you realize how much time I spend talking to the characters in my head.

Dance..or just move your body in some way. With people you know, people you don’t, people you hate, people you love. I won’t judge you.

Spend it with your family in real life. Even if it isn’t Family Day where you live. Even if you don’t get today off. You might not get to choose your real family, but they probably didn’t get to choose you either.

Did you enjoy my ideas? Are you going to act on any of them? You should. You can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned activities.

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Why Halloween Isn’t A Big Deal To Me

Happy Halloween

Even as a kid, October 31st for me wasn’t that different from any other day of the year.

I always wanted books, not candies.

I’m a reader.

I get to pretend to be whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I’m a writer.

I don’t want to buy more costumes because my wardrobe is full of them.

I’m a dancer.

But there is something I always make a big deal of…


Happy writing and crying.

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World Ballet Day

It’s October 1st. Meaning we’re one month away from NaNoWriMo. Meaning we get to celebrate the wonderfulness that is ballet.

As much as I love words and writing them, I also love dance. Watching people perform, moving to music, dancing all day.

So you best believe I danced today.

I hope you write and dance every day or at least, as often as you can. Both bring so much joy to my life.

If you go in with an open mind, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of.

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The Silver Lining In Injuring My Ankle

It’s not my wrist. So I can still write and blog without crying out in pain.

I haven’t danced in two days (feels more like two weeks), but that isn’t the end of the world.

This reminds me of a post I did a while back entitled Silver Lining. And by a while back, I mean over two years ago. Time passes by quickly when all is fit and fine.

I hope your wrists and ankles are okay. And if they aren’t, I hope they get better soon.

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Guess Who (Part 2)

I had another post titled Guess Who so I decided to name this one part two.

Guess who has a test on Wednesday?

Guess who hasn’t started studying for it?

Guess who spent this evening dancing, reading, writing, and now blogging?

Guess who intends on spending tomorrow evening doing the exact same thing?

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The Problem With Being A Writer And A Dancer

Writing ruins my hands.

Dancing ruins my feet.

At least I still have my face.