Trying To Multi-Task

Sometimes we think it’s a good idea to multi-task, but then reality happens. And instead of being insanely productive, we don’t do things as effectively or efficiently as we’d like.

I say this as I’m multi-tasking.

I know how difficult it is to focus on one task for an extended period of time. But I think now, more than ever before, human beings need to focus, to concentrate. Easier said than done. But we aren’t doing ourselves any favours by trying to multi-task everything in life.

I realize there’s a lot going on at any given time. We have many responsibilities and obligations, interests and hobbies. Still, I see the value in focusing on one thing at a time whenever possible.

Having our attention divided, specifically when we’re doing work that requires it doesn’t do wonders for anyone.

We don’t retain as much information when we’re listening to a professor lecture while also messaging friends in addition to shopping online. We don’t write as well if we’re watching TV and talking to a friend at the same time.

I’m not perfect. But I’ve gotten better at giving important tasks my undivided attention because I can’t always afford to spilt my attention. Everything suffers when I do.

I’ve also found that each time I resist giving into temptations while in class or in the middle of a task, I reinforce the habit.

Sometimes I just can’t let distractions deter me.

I used to be better at reading for a longer period of time without wanting to checking my phone. Nowadays, I rarely sit down for a couple of hours with a book and read uninterrupted.

I know my attention span isn’t quite like it used to be, which is a tragedy. But at least I’m aware of my flaws, some of them anyway.

I want to recognize when I shouldn’t divide my attention, when I shouldn’t multi-task. I need to resist temptations more often, especially when I’m doing work that requires critical thinking.

Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts like whether or not you think I’m insane.


Making The Most Of Unproductive Days

Unproductive days are okay. Sometimes you deserve to relax. Other times you have to be productive out of necessity.

Regardless, you can’t work all day, every day for 365 days of the year.

Life happens. Unforeseen events and circumstances occur. That’s how it always has been. How it always will be.

We can have the best intentions. We can make elaborate plans. But our intentions don’t always result in the things we expected or desired. Besides, plans fall through.

It’s tough to feel like you’ve let a perfectly good day go by. As if you wasted 24 hours. But if you were happy, if you spent some of the time doing what you wanted, would you say that’s wasted time? Or would you think it’s time well spent?

Perhaps you weren’t productive in the morning. But what’s stopping you from having a productive afternoon or evening?

Maybe you spend 8 hours sleeping and lying in bed every day, give or take. But if you work hard for even just 2 or 6 hours, you can still get a lot done.

Never let one bad thing have a domino effect on everything else. Never allow one negative person to ruin all the positives in your life.

In a perfect world, everything would be optimized all the time. But you don’t live in a perfect world. So one day you might prioritize blogging over reading. Another day it could be writing over editing. What’s the problem?

At least you’re making progress on something. And you’re doing what makes you happy.

Productivity isn’t just about getting a lot of work done. Because there’s so much more to life than just work.

Maybe working easy on the right things is better than working hard on the wrong things.

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How To Be A Productive Writer

You’re probably a productive writer. At least more productive than the person writing this blog post. So why am I telling you how to get work done? Because I can.

Have a plan.

If you don’t know what you want to do, how are you supposed to accomplish anything? So decide the night before what you’re going to write tomorrow. Maybe it’s a poem or a short story. You can also take a few minutes in the morning to think about the tasks you’re hoping to complete before the day is over. Edit a chapter of your novel. Make a graphic for that blog post. You get the idea. Then get to work. 

Include tiny rewards.

Reward yourself after you write a page or edit a scene, not before. That way you have motivation to do stuff and get things done.

Take many breaks.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but it isn’t. Your brain needs rest. Just don’t let that small break turn into a long spell of inactivity.

Stop procrastinating and start working.


Working On Many Projects At Once

There’s a lot going on at any given time in my student life and writerly world. But right now I’m even busier than usual.

I have a lot of things to work on and not enough time to do everything. If only I had more hours in the day. If only I didn’t need to sleep every night. If only I could be productive all the time. Oh, the possibilities then would be truly endless.

Also because my attention span is shorter than a goldfish, I felt the need to open a dozen tabs and work on multiple projects at once.

I ended up doing a little of everything. But I don’t feel like I did anything. At least nothing substantial.

For some reason, I just can’t seem to concentrate on one task at a time.

My solution? Go to sleep.


Why I’m Not Productive

My friends are the reason why I’m not productive.

They’re the reason why I never get much work done.

Why I take forever to finish books.

Why I only write a little every day.

Why I publish such short blog posts.

Don’t worry. I blame myself for everything. I take full responsibility.

But it’s so much easier to blame other people. Or pretend to anyway. I need to keep my sanity in tact, okay?


17 Things To Do In 2017


  1. Compose a poem that is 17 lines long.
  2. Write 17 stories in one month.
  3. Read a book published in 2017.
  4. Read 17 books in 7 months.
  5. Publish 17 blog posts for 17 consecutive days.
  6. Learn how to say one word in 17 different languages.
  7. Memorize 17 words in another language.
  8. Listen to 17 new songs.
  9. Watch 17 old movies.
  10. Run for 17 minutes.
  11. Dance for 17 minutes.
  12. Try 17 foods you’ve never had before.
  13. Eat healthy for 17 days in a row.
  14. Develop a new habit in 17 days.
  15. Smile at 17 strangers.
  16. Meet 17 different people.
  17. Connect with 17 friends and/or acquaintances.

I Uninstalled YouTube

So I uninstalled YouTube from my phone.


I deleted the app.


I was spending way too much time watching videos and not enough time writing essays.


Last night. November 19th. 


I make very questionable decisions the later it gets in the day. I was stretching, thought about deleting distractions from my life, and followed through with it.

Also, I needed to be more productive with all the procrastination I’ve done recently. What do you know? I still found ways to procrastinate today.

I’ll let you know when I give in to downloading YouTube back onto my phone.

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Taking A Break

It’s okay to take a break.

Even from the things you love. Or the people you love. 

I took a long time to learn that I don’t have to be doing work all the time. I can’t do everything at once. I can’t do it all in one day. But I can do a little bit over a long span of time. Discipline wins. 

And even though I love blogging and dancing, sometimes I need to take a break. Maybe my body needs some time to recover. My mind needs some time to relax. Hey, I’m perfectly okay with that. I’m human after all. 

I also like to think taking breaks leads to increasing productivity.

So take a break already.