To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

As a writer, I feel I should like Twitter. Of all the platforms, Twitter seems the most suited for writers.

I’ve just never been much of a social media user. I don’t always know what to say or share, especially online. Sometimes I think about sharing something but then stop myself for some reason.

In a way, tweeting is similar to blogging. I guess I’d rather spend more time writing or reading.

Also, there aren’t enough hours in the day to be everywhere and to do everything.

Perhaps I need to tweet about something unrelated to me. I’m not one to share personal details about myself in real life or on social media.

I’m better at writing than I am at posting. I have no problem drafting a tweet. But sending it out into the world is a different story.

It’s not easy to create content on a consistent basis. It’s even harder when these days almost anyone can criticize you.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get into Twitter. Don’t get me started on Instagram. I suck at social media. Big surprise, I know. So kudos to everyone who doesn’t.

Some days, I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. I need a time machine. Take me back to the days before social media existed.


I Know Very Little

I’m not ashamed to say I know very little about a lot of things in this world.

I didn’t know you could undo your retweets on Twitter until today.

Did you know that? Of course, you did.

Where have I been? Not on Twitter clearly.

You learn something new every day when you know almost nothing.


Twitter Sins With Real Life Equivalents

It’s difficult to come up with an accurate title for every blog post. I can’t always be perfect. Although I must admit the title “Twitter Sins With Real Life Equivalents” isn’t half bad if I do say so myself. Anyhow, I know this post is a bit different from my usual ones focused more on writing and/or blogging. Just wanted to switch it up a bit to avoid boring you. Enjoy.

Spamming someone with DMs, short for direct messages.

More like texting someone one too many times.

Following someone only to un-follow them later and re-follow them shortly after.

This is equivalent to dating someone, breaking up with them, and making up with your him or her.

Spamming your followers by sending tweet after tweet with a few seconds in between each.

Real life scenario: never shutting up.

The above aren’t exactly sins. If only they were…


5 Things You Should Never Do On Twitter

It seems like almost everybody I know has Twitter. I don’t blame them. With that being said, there is etiquette and protocol to follow. It isn’t that hard to be respectful and have good manners online.

These are, in my opinion, 5 things you should never do on Twitter. Despite how tempting some of them may be.

  1. Spam people. Nobody likes a spammer. Not even the spammer himself.
  2. Promote yourself all the time. Especially if you are a writer.
  3. Insult or attack others. If you watch what you say, you should watch what you tweet too.
  4. Involve yourself in controversy. When is controversy ever beneficial?
  5. Get too personal. Enough said.
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The Difference Between Twitter And WordPress

Twitter is low commitment, a one night stand.

WordPress is high commitment, a life-long marriage.

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My Summer Plans and Resolutions

What I Planned On Doing:

  • Write a novel or two
  • Start a Twitter account
  • Read as many books on my summer reading list as possible
  • Keep a diary for a month
  • Perfect my aerial (a.k.a. a cartwheel with no hands)

What I’ve Done So Far:

  • Thought about writing a novel and abandoned all my ideas
  • I actually did make an account on Twitter today. Yay me. Share your ideas about writing and blogging with me: @hermina_chow22,
  • Tried to find the books on my summer reading list at my public library to no avail
  • Procrastinated and told myself I’ll keep a diary in August
  • Made many fail attempts at getting my side aerial

Perhaps, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that I never seem to keep…I will make resolutions halfway through the year and potentially keep some of them.

My Summer Resolutions:

  • Post every day on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the rest of the summer. If one day I fail to do so, kindly point that out for me.
  • Learn more, read more, know more, and do more so I can write more.
  • Love what I write. Or as I like to call it, “STOP HATING, STOP CRITICIZING, AND START LOVING MY WORK.” This one might be the hardest one for me unfortunately.
  • Start living more in the moment. Stop living in the past. Stop worrying about the future. It’s my summer for crying out loud.
  • Keep doing what I’m doing for myself and no one else.

One last note: does anybody find it hard not to go over Twitter’s character limit? Or is it just me?

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Aspiringwriter22 Officially On Facebook! Coming To Twitter Soon!

I started this blog a few months ago (near the beginning of April to be exact), with no marketing, no social media, and absolutely no advertising help from anyone, anywhere. Looking back, this blog you are reading right now was created solely for fun. For me, blogging was an endeavour I always wanted to try out but I did not realize how much I would come to fall in love with it.

Writing is a huge part of my life along with blogging. Until now, my blog was a part of my life I kept hidden from practically everybody, almost like a dirty, little secret.

However, I realize the importance of social media and having multiple platforms to reach various audiences. So with that I decided, on a limb, to create a Facebook page about my blog today. Moments ago, I set up a Facebook account for my blog since I knew this summer I would have more time on my hands but also because I would like to promote my blog further.

My biggest hope is for people like me (i.e. writers and bloggers) to be a part of a community. Aspiringwriter22 is a place where I want to reach out to like-minded people, writers, and bloggers.

As I continue on this journey, one that I invite you to join in with me, I wish for us to learn more from each other in a friendly, mutual relationship.

I will be posting updates regularly with information pertaining to writing, blogging, editing, publishing, etc., on Facebook. I kindly ask that you check out my Facebook page (Aspiringwriter22) if you have enjoyed this blog so far, as the content I publish on this blog will be similar to what I write about on Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there.

On a final note, I will be creating a Twitter account later on in July. But for now here is the link to my Facebook page: