I do not intend to offend anyone at anytime with anything I say.

However, I will point out flaws in our thinking, problems in our logic, and complications in our society. I hope you don’t take what I publish personally. More importantly, I hope you never see my work as an attack against you. I’m only expressing my opinion. Feel free to express yours. In fact, I invite you to.

Any and all of the opinions expressed on this blog are my own. It’s what I think and how I feel. We’re all different, unique. So what I think and feel might differ from your thoughts or feelings.

If I accidentally humiliate or hurt someone’s feelings with the content on this site, it is absolutely unintentional. Should you find anything harmful on this site, contact me immediately. I will fix the problem as I deem appropriate to do so.

Should you find an error or inaccuracy with the information presented, please comment on the applicable post or send an email to: aspiringwriter22@gmail.com.

Any comments not made by me are the express opinions and the sole property of other writers, bloggers, and readers. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for anything said by anyone else. It is not a practice of mine to edit comments (not even my own), but I reserve the right to do so under extreme circumstances.

I will delete comments that are offensive, contain profanity, or deemed to be spam.

Thank you for understanding.


Speak your mind!

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