Personal Reflection

Birthday Wishes | What I Love | August 2016

Dear You,

To celebrate me and my new age, I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t say it enough. Clearly, I’m not well-mannered.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Even though you’re all just reminding me that I’m older…

To everyone who remembered it’s my birthday, can I have your memory? I don’t have my date of birth posted publicly on Facebook or anywhere for that matter. So kudos to you. Let’s hope I remember yours.

I appreciate anyone and everyone for putting up with me, for putting up with my bad humour and blog posts. How do you do it?

You make this experience that much more enjoyable. Who knows I might have stopped blogging a long time ago or started making my posts private. But I didn’t do either. Because I would dearly miss the interactions.

I don’t know what else to say, but thank you so very much!

Please continue to put up with me? For another year at least. I’ll be twenty in 2017. Let’s hope I’ll be a better writer and blogger.

No guarantee, though. Maybe this year will be my blogging demise.

I should’ve ended this post a long time ago. Better late than never. I know. Never late is better.

Sending you my love,

19 year old me

Personal Reflection

Why Growing Older Sucks

Someone will turn nineteen years old way too soon for her liking. 

And it sucks because…

  • You’re older.
  • You’ll get wrinkles. 
  • You’re expected to do things that are appropriate in association with your age. 
  • You’re going to have more responsibilities.
  • You’ll realize just how much this world sucks. 
  • You’re ineligible for some writing competitions.
Personal Reflection

Rights This Writer Will Have In 15 Days

I’m turning eighteen this month. Sorry, if reading the previous sentence reminded you of how old you are. Or if that one did. My dearest apologies once again.

In fifteen days, I’m going to have several legal rights I didn’t have before.

I will be able to…

  • vote,
  • buy fireworks,
  • write my own will,
  • get married without parental permission,
  • pay more for everything because I’m a grown-up and not a teenager anymore.

Do you hear the excitement dripping from my voice?

No, you don’t? Clearly I’m not an actor.