Nothing More Dangerous – Allen Eskens | A Book Review

Nothing More Dangerous - Allen Eskens

Title: Nothing More Dangerous

Author: Allen Eskens

Genre: Mystery

About the book: It’s a coming of age novel that follows a teenager, Boady Sanden, who wants nothing more than to leave Jessup, Missouri behind. His small town is filled with secrets like the mysterious disappearance of an African-American woman named Lida Poe. Even though Boady has never met her, he realizes Poe’s life is intertwined with those in his community.

I received an advanced review copy from Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: The premise sounded interesting to me. I was also intrigued by the title and cover. It took me a while to get into the story, but I appreciated how Eskens described small details.

Characters: I liked the protagonist and his development. He has flaws but overcomes a lot of obstacles. I wish I got to learn more about some of the secondary characters. That being said, the author creates likeable and relatable individuals who are three dimensional.


“But memories aren’t like photographs; they can’t halt the passing of time.”

Writing: The chapters are short, and the novel itself isn’t too long. There’s a little bit of romance in the middle, but I appreciate that it doesn’t take away from the main storyline. Overall, Eskens explores important issues without holding back.

Final thoughts: The ending isn’t hard to predict, and loose ends get tied up.

If you want to read a powerful story that tackles prejudice and privilege, consider checking out Nothing More Dangerous.

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