Saints and Curses – Alexis Langten | A Book Review

Saints and Curses - Alexis Langten

Title: Saints and Curses

Author: Alexis Langten

Genre: Fantasy (Anthology)

About the book: It’s a collection of fantastical short stories.

I received a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First impressions: I don’t know of many fantasy short story collections, but I do tend to enjoy fantasy novels, so I was looking forward to reading this anthology.

Characters: There are a lot of different characters, and even though the stories aren’t long, I still found myself liking or relating to many of them. The stories mainly follow a protagonist with a few secondary individuals.


“None of the things I loved could ever make me any money.”

Writing: For the most part, the stories are short. Some run longer than others, and at the end, the author includes a few very short ones that fit the length of a tweet.

I appreciated how most of the stories started off realistic with fantastical or magical elements appearing a little later. It was nice to feel grounded in a real-world setting first, which in my opinion, made the magic more believable.

Final thoughts: It’s a short book at under 200 pages filled with a number of stories about fantasy. If that sounds like your cup of tea, consider checking out Saints and Curses.

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My Poem Is Being Published

I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been a hard year in many ways. So this achievement feels even more meaningful to me.

Every success reminds me of why I started. Why I haven’t given up. I want to continue. I don’t want to quit.

My poem is being published in an anthology. Funny story that isn’t funny. I thought I wouldn’t hear back, so I made a few edits and published the poem on my blog. But then I got a letter saying they wanted to publish it. As a result, I had to make the post private.

That story says a lot about me. But it also goes to show you just how long the publishing process takes.

I first had to sign a release form. Then I approved the proof for print. Now, everything is out of my hands.

I wrote this poem in 2016. It’ll be published at the end of 2018. That’s crazy to me.

I’m so grateful for all your support. I don’t have many writer friends in real life. Which is why I often don’t share this kind of stuff with them. Thanks for listening to me through thick and thin.

To be honest, I try to blog every day because I want to document the good as well as the bad. Not just the highs or the highlights. I want to récord the beautiful and ugly moments in my life.

I hope I can inspire others. At the very least, I hope you know you’re not alone.


Night Sky with Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong | A Book Review

Night Sky with Exit Wounds - Ocean Vuong

Title: Night Sky With Exit Wounds

Author: Ocean Vuong

Genre: Poetry

About the book: It’s an anthology of poems. I received a copy from the lovely folks at Publishers Group Canada.

First impressions: I read more prose than I do poetry, so I was excited to expand my horizons. To begin with, I love the title. I think it captures the essence of the collection. I especially enjoyed the poems at the beginning.


“Everyone can forget us—as long as you remember.”

Writing: The writing is elegant but accessible. If you love enjambment, you’re in luck. There’s plenty of imagery as well. Vuong plays with a variety of forms and styles.

I wish the anthology was longer because it’s quite short. That said, reading this collection has inspired me to experiment more with my own poetry. Vuong addresses real, serious issues in an honest way. He writes about family, love, war, etc. The subject matter for some pieces are a bit more mature though.

Final thoughts: I highly recommend Night Sky With Exit Wounds even if you don’t read much poetry.

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