The WordPress App Hates Me

I know I’m not the most likeable individual on this planet. Understatement much? But the WordPress app really hates me.

It’s like the universe wants to make Herminia’s blogging experience as difficult as possible.

Blogging is challenging enough on its own. No need to make it tougher, technology.

Work with me, not against me.

Please and thank you.


WordPress App Issues

Am I the only one having issues with the WordPress app? Probably…not.

It’s running slower than normal. A lot slower. As well as the usual suspects of problems.

Maybe I should blame my two year old phone instead.

Or my lack of patience. Sorry I stand corrected. My non-existent patience.


The 3 Rules Of Being A Writer

I was scrolling through an app (Writer) I have on my Android phone with past ideas and thoughts of mine. And I found this.

The 3 rules of being a writer:

  1. You write.
  2. You don’t break rule number one.
  3. You don’t ever break rule number one and two.

It’s been so long I don’t remember if I shared this before. If I did, oops. If I didn’t, I’m doing my job correctly.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has (or will have) a wonderful day. To whom this may be applicable to, have a wonderful long weekend.

On another note, I’ll be spending this long weekend writing, reading, and blogging. Perhaps, you will too?