The Problem With Praise

Too much praise leads to vanity, arrogance, and downright narcissism.

Which is, in simpler terms, every writer’s worst nightmare.

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Rejection After Rejection, Success After Success

I want to fail just once so I can be humbled by the experience.

Nope, doesn’t happen. Instead life has to work out well. Too well.

Rather than rejection after rejection, it’s success after success.

I’m starting to think I’m actually a decent writer.

Uh-oh. Let the arrogant me take over.

Personal Reflection

Types of People I’ve Met

  • Arrogant people who think they know everything hence they act more superior but in reality, they don’t know everything.
  • Ignorant people who don’t know anything but they know they don’t know anything.
  • Ignorant people who don’t know anything but think they know everything.
  • Finally, and this is extremely rare (like one in ten billion rare) people that know everything.