Personal Reflection

The Night Before My First Day Of School

The night before my first day of class, my phone charger stopped working. And that made me freak out more than the thought of going back to school.

So I was running around the house trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, I found another charger in a bag which was in another bag on the top shelf of my closet. This extra charger was a gift from a family friend. At the time, I thought I’d never use it. How silly of me.

I know I don’t need my phone to survive. But it’s nice to have a phone and a fully charged one on the first day back.

I’m also realizing just how much I use my phone now that I’m a writer and blogger. I use the WordPress app all the time to write posts, edit drafts, send comments.

So I see the logic in that one is none. Two is one. If you only have one of something and it breaks down or becomes unusable, you don’t have that thing anymore.

You just never know.

Things break. So it’s nice to have a backup, a replacement. Ditto for saving your files and having copies of your work everywhere.

So I’m not as stressed right now because after running around with my head cut off, I’ve regained myself enough to write this blog post.

The phone screen is cracked, my original charger and headphones don’t work anymore. I need a new phone. Shame I’m broke, though.


Before, During, And After Writing

As always, I don’t speak for everyone. I only speak for myself.

Before: Avoid writing by doing something else.

During: Can’t imagine doing anything else.

After: Struggle to return to the real world.

This is my life.

I love it.

Personal Reflection

Wisdom Teeth Removal Before, During, And After


I wasn’t supposed to eat or drink at least eight hours prior. My throat was parched. I could barely speak, much less answer questions.

“Do you have any allergies?” My reply: “Nuogh.”


I was sedated but conscious enough to be aware of what was going on.

“Open wide.” These were the only words directed at me while the operation was happening.


Painkillers are a lifesaver. Seriously. Once I’m done writing this post, I’ll be off popping pills. Poor choice of words, I know, but at this point, I’m still hurting too much to care.

Goodbye wisdom teeth (x 4). Hello, hellish world of pain.

Oh, I can’t wait for the pain to subside. It’ll be like Christmas again.


Changes To WordPress

I love and hate the recent changes WordPress has undergone simultaneously.

Some of the changes are great…others not so much.

But it is interesting to see how far WordPress has come. I wish I had a picture of what the platform looked like a year ago compared to what it looks like today so I can show you what I mean. Despite the length of time, I can picture the “before” and “after” in my head quite clearly.

Are you loving the changes? Hating them? Somewhere in between?


Catching Errors Before And After Print

Catching an error before print is an amazing feeling. Catching an error after print is the complete opposite. Moral? Edit before, not after. Logic? You need to have written in order to have edited.