Personal Reflection

Staying Sane and Being Happy

It goes without saying that this blog keeps me sane and happy. Or maybe I should say I am not insane and unhappy because I am fortunate enough to be a blogger. What’s more, I’m grateful to have such incredible bloggers to interact with. Escaping from the real world from time to time contributes to my sanity.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend!


How To Be A Happier Writer (Part 3)

  1. Don’t offend.
  2. Don’t pretend.
  3. Don’t quarrel.
  4. Don’t ramble.
  5. Don’t regret.
  6. Don’t slack.
  7. Don’t stop.
  8. Don’t tolerate.
  9. Don’t upset.
  10. Don’t victimize.
  11. Don’t wait.
  12. Don’t (e)xcuse.
  13. Don’t yield.
  14. Don’t zing.

How To Be A Happier Writer (Part 2)

  1. Don’t hate.
  2. Don’t hesitate.
  3. Don’t ignore.
  4. Don’t invade.
  5. Don’t jeer.
  6. Don’t judge.
  7. Don’t kid.
  8. Don’t kill.
  9. Don’t label.
  10. Don’t lie.
  11. Don’t marginalize.
  12. Don’t mock.
  13. Don’t neglect.
  14. Don’t nettle.

How To Be A Happier Writer

  1. Don’t abandon.
  2. Don’t avoid.
  3. Don’t blame.
  4. Don’t betray.
  5. Don’t compare.
  6. Don’t compete.
  7. Don’t deceive.
  8. Don’t doubt.
  9. Don’t expect.
  10. Don’t expose.
  11. Don’t fear.
  12. Don’t forfeit.
  13. Don’t gossip.
  14. Don’t gloat.