5 Reasons Why Books Are The Best

  • You don’t need anyone around. In fact, you probably don’t want anyone around while you’re reading.
  • You don’t need an Internet connection or WiFi. Ground breaking, huh?
  • You don’t need a PhD. But it’s completely cool if you have one.
  • You don’t need to get someone else’s permission. If you must ask, I give you permission. 
  • You don’t need to justify your reading choices. Don’t ever feel like you have to. 

The Best Of The Best

I don’t know about you, but I love reading reviews.

If it’s a big purchase or a product I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll read multiple reviews, so I know I’m getting the biggest bang for my buck.

Just how many times have you wanted to read a thorough, unbiased review of something before you purchase it?

Probably too many.

Oh, and please don’t get me started on how much time I’ve spent reading reviews only to wonder how many of them are actually helpful or legitimate.

But might just be my saving grace. It could be yours too. It’s a website that conducts research on all kinds of products and services, reviewing the best of the best before sharing all that research with you. Even better, it’s free.

Also, I’m going to assume you’re a blogger, who may or may not be interested in finding the best web host for your site. After all, the best bloggers deserve the best web hosts for their blogs. But blogging is one thing, finding a host is another.

I don’t need to know the number of web hosts that exist in this world. I doubt you want to shift through all of them either.

Luckily for you, their research team recently decided to analyze over 200 of the most popular hosts and narrow it down to the top few. Read more about it here. They’re a blog too. They want the best for other bloggers. We look out for each other, remember?

From the best alarm clock to the best yoga mat and everything in between, they’ve got you covered. So you never make the mistake of buying something you hate ever again.


What Writers Do Best

There are many things writers can do that others can’t do. It’s probably more correct to say writers outdo non-writers in…

Refusing to speak to people for days on end.

Sorry mom, dad. And my dearest apologies to anyone who once worried whether I dropped off the face of this earth. Now you know.

Imagining scenarios that will never, ever happen in real life.

Every day, night, hour, minute, second. Everything my mind conjures up is literally impossible.

Observing human beings from the way they talk to the way they breathe. 

I’ve been wrongfully called a “stalker” and a “creep”. Non-writers are so silly sometimes.


I Just Need To Write

I do not need to be the best or the greatest. I do not need recognition or respect. I just need to write.