Too Much Creative Freedom

I like to have creative freedom when I’m writing but when I have too much freedom, I don’t know where to begin. Hence why I don’t start anything until a few days before something is due.

With studying, I don’t believe in cramming. With writing, I don’t believe in starting and finishing an essay in one day. So I tend to give myself enough time, not too much or too little.

Still, I shouldn’t blame creative freedom or lack thereof. I should be blaming my lazy self. But it’s easier blaming other things or people for my shortcomings.

Personal Reflection

All About Failure

Failure is humbling. It’s hard.

Failure prepares you for success. But it doesn’t define you.

Failure won’t be in vain if you learn from it.

Failing is normal. Common even.

You might not see other people failing. That doesn’t mean they aren’t.

It’s tempting to blame someone or something but try not to. Blaming and pointing fingers doesn’t accomplish anything.

Embrace the fact you’ll continue to fail at different things for the rest of your life. 

Just remember it’s not the end of the world.


Why I Dislike Movies

Why do I dislike movies?

Because books are better.

What more do I need to say?

I will love you for the rest of my life if you purchase me a book.

On the other hand…if you make me watch a movie, especially a movie based on a book, I will want to indulge my violent tendencies by gouging your eyes out.

When that happens, you won’t be able to watch movies ever again.

You have yourself to blame.


How To Be A Happier Writer

  1. Don’t abandon.
  2. Don’t avoid.
  3. Don’t blame.
  4. Don’t betray.
  5. Don’t compare.
  6. Don’t compete.
  7. Don’t deceive.
  8. Don’t doubt.
  9. Don’t expect.
  10. Don’t expose.
  11. Don’t fear.
  12. Don’t forfeit.
  13. Don’t gossip.
  14. Don’t gloat.

How To Write Every Day

You make time for it.

You make it part of your life.

You drop the excuses.

You drop the blame.

You stop thinking.

You start doing.

You stop worrying.

You start writing.

You get it done.

How? You just do.

Editing · Writing

5 Things Editors Aren’t (But Sometimes Are)

What you need to know before you read this article:

  1. I awoke at some ungodly hour in the morning.
  2. I played with said idea in my head while semi-conscious.
  3. I wrote this post while the sky was still black.

At this point you might be wondering why I’m sharing this information with you. Why in the world should you care?

Because most of my posts are written on at least 6 hours of sleep, conjured when conscious, and penned with the help of natural light.

On to matters that matter.


  • They aren’t your “fall” guy or girl. First of all, if anyone ever says to me something along the lines of, “You were my editor yet you failed to catch this error”…I’ll secretly murder you in my next book. You can’t blame your editor for anything because it’s the writer’s name that gets slapped on the front, back, and center of a book—not the editor’s. It’s your responsibility then to be an editor as much as it’s your responsibility to be a writer.
  • They aren’t your friend first and foremost. Their job is to break you and your writing. Your job is not to be broken by it. If it crushes your ego to seek out advice from editors, why are you in this business? Editors are editors. While you may think they are your friends, when it comes to editing, both the writer and editor must put aside that friendship temporarily.
  • They aren’t holding a gun to your head, forcing you to change something. Maybe you envision your editor doing so, but really, you’re the writer of the article. Therefore, you  must write the story the way you want it to be written.
  • They aren’t holding your hand, walking you through the process. Editors weren’t put on this earth to solve all your problems.
  • They aren’t miracle workers. Then again, sometimes they are.

5 More Things Writers Need To Stop Doing

As I promised this post is a continuation of Five Things Writers Need To Stop Doing.

  1. Stop complaining about everything. Writing and rewriting and editing and blogging and all those wonderful things you do are NOT easy. But that is no reason for you to complain. Do not whine. Do not complain. It won’t solve your problems. Be happy that your work is demanding because if writing a novel or maintaining a blog was easy, everyone would be doing it. Then it wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore, would it? Anything worth doing requires hard work, dedication, commitment, etc. So commit to it and vow to never complain again.
  2. Stop downgrading your abilities. You are talented. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t. Even worse don’t tell yourself you aren’t talented enough to make it in this industry. There are enough people out there being negative already. Don’t add one more person to that list.
  3. Stop criticizing your writing.  If you have ever been bullied in your life then you know how much it sucks. If you bully yourself over your writing, it’s bound to be ten times as worse. So why do it? Why aim for perfection only to criticize yourself even further because you have such high expectations? Just write. Everything will take care of itself eventually.
  4. Stop the blame game. You can’t blame your family, your kids, your agent, your editor, the world, global warming, or zombies…when things go wrong. Yes, there will be people that get in your way and other obstacles you have to face. Life isn’t fair. Perhaps, that’s why we all like pointing fingers and blaming other individuals so much. But this is your life and your career. Own up to your mistakes. That way you can own up to your accomplishments too.
  5. Stop dreaming. Dreams are simply visions. Visions are just mental pictures in your mind that are not real. Intangible wishes. Ideas that aren’t put to paper simply go to the dump, never to be used again. Dreams are not the same as goals so find out how to turn those dreams into well-defined, realistic, specific goals and start working towards them. Wake up and start doing something. Go. Write. Edit. NOW.

There you have it. Five more things writers, bloggers, authors, novelists, etc., should all stop doing.

Feel free to add any I may have missed.