Blogger’s Block And Blogging Burnout

I didn’t post daily in January. I also didn’t even write a blog post every day. Even though I was a little bothered by that, I’ve been more bothered by other things. Like burnout and blogger’s block, which is like writer’s block but worse. I had an easier time writing than blogging last month.

New month, new me. That said, I won’t be blogging all the time because I need to live my life. But I’m ready to get back into the grind. It’s not always easy, but I’m grateful for every opportunity.

I want to address being blocked so to speak. I don’t want to wait for inspiration. I’d rather get to work. For some reason, I didn’t have many great ideas in January. Even promising ones didn’t pan out. For instance, I drafted a one-word writing interview/Q&A. I liked the idea. I didn’t like the draft. And because I made it my goal in 2019 to publish content I’m proud of, I don’t want to post something for the sake of posting.

In regards to burnout, I started this blog in 2013. At the time, I wanted to publish every day. I was in high school. I wasn’t as busy. So I had more time and energy. But a lot has changed in five, almost six years. I’ve changed. WordPress has changed. What didn’t change was my stubborn commitment to blog daily. But 2018 was a hard year for me. I got hit by a car at the beginning of the year. Recovering was a long and exhausting process.

I was fortunate enough to go twenty years without anything truly traumatic happening to me. So I guess my point is that trying to blog every day while trying to let my body and brain heal made me burnout in a way I never experienced before.

It’s been nearly a year since my life changed forever, and I’m ready to live fully again.


How Writers Deal With Haters

  • Put them in a story and kill their character.
  • Subtweet him or her.
  • Publish a viral blog post.
  • Reaffirm how right you are as well as how wrong they are in your mind.
  • Roll your eyes like a YA character.
  • Walk away and write a bestseller instead.
  • Fall so in love with fictional characters you forget about your real life haters.
  • Silently correct their speech or grammar errors.
  • Build a fort using books to keep people out.
  • Realize having haters means you’re doing something right.
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My Blog Post Writing Process

My blog post writing process has changed a lot over the years. As of right now, I have a routine That works well enough for me.


I handwrite most of my posts with a pen and a notepad. I tend to talk about whatever’s on my mind, so I don’t really need to research beforehand.


Next, I transcribe my hand written posts. I used to type them up word for word, but now I use the voice dictation feature on my phone.


Finally, I edit a post until I’m happy with it. Of course, nothing is ever perfect. But I try to aim for clarity. I also like being concise, so I tend to delete a lot. Time is valuable, which is why I’d hate to waste mine. More importantly, I would hate to waste yours.

I don’t say this often enough, but I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who stops by my blog. Thanks for reading!


My Writing Routine 2017

I’ve always enjoyed reading about the routines of other writers. So I figured I’d answer questions about mine.

When do you write?

It depends. When I have class, I write prose or poetry in the morning. I’m the afternoon, I’ll draft a blog post on the way back. If I don’t have to commute, I procrastinate all day and create at night.

Where do you write?

Where do I not write is the better question. A bus. The train. In my room. At my desk. Wherever I can.

How often do you write?

Every day. Somehow. I don’t sleep much. I also have no social life and a non-existent love life.

What do you use to write or type?

A pen. Google Drive. I prefer them over a pencil and Microsoft Word.

Is there anything you do before writing?

I wash my hands because germs. Is that weird? I’m weird.

Is there anything you do while writing?

Not really, especially if I’m writing by hand. When typing, I tend to have a glass of water nearby. Very rarely do I eat something. On the rare occasion I do, it’s probably a fruit I can eat with a fork. Germs again.

Is there anything you do after writing?

I close my notebook and retract my pen or I’ll shut down my computer. More often than not, I check my phone for anything I missed. But I don’t have many friends, so there’s nothing to miss.

At the start of each writing session, do you read over what you wrote?

If I’m writing short stories or poems, generally no. If I’m working on a novel, sometimes. Depends on whether I need to refresh my memory or not. I’m not getting any younger.

Do you finish writing on a half complete sentence or idea?

I crave closure, so I’ve never stopped writing in the middle of anything. This goes for just about everything I can control, which isn’t much.

Do you write in short bursts or long periods?

I prefer getting all my writing done in one go. Unless I’m struggling. Let’s just say I take more breaks when writing an academic essay than I do with a short story.

Is there anything you’d like to change about your writing routine?

I’m quite pleased with it right now. I don’t have a problem, and so long as my routine continues to serveme, I’m not going to fix what isn’t broken.

Do you think your writing routine will be different next year?

I’m not sure. I guess that depends on my grand lifestyle in 2018. I’ll stay the course, adjust if and when necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to answer the above questions on your own blog.


What Do I Blog About?

Whatever you’re interested in. Whatever you’re passionate about.

Whatever you want.

Blog about things you have feelings for, positive or negative.

What do you love? What do you hate? Channel those emotions into energy. Energy spent on blogging.

There’s really no limit to what you can blog about. Except the limit you place on yourself.

If you want to blog about something, blog about that something.

Besides, if there’s a blog post you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, write that blog post.


When I Don’t Blog, Here’s Why

I didn’t publish a blog post yesterday. But I thought about blogging. That counts for something, right?

I know, in the future, there will be days I don’t get anything up. So if you’re ever wondering why I didn’t publish a post, you’re in luck.

I did everyone a favour and listed some of my excuses down below.

You’re welcome.

I felt tired.

I know it’s a terrible excuse. But it’s usually not the only one I have on any given day.

I fell asleep.

Funny enough this happened yesterday. I guess I really was that tired. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again.

I didn’t feel well.

Even though I enjoy blogging, I don’t enjoy it as much when my head is pounding.

I ran out of time. 

On days I don’t manage my time well, I publish posts at 11:59 PM. On days I don’t manage my time at all, I publish posts the next day.

I just couldn’t bring myself to hit the post button.

There are a number of reasons for this. I could write an entire blog post on it. In fact, I just might.

Now you know.


Why I’m Not Productive

My friends are the reason why I’m not productive.

They’re the reason why I never get much work done.

Why I take forever to finish books.

Why I only write a little every day.

Why I publish such short blog posts.

Don’t worry. I blame myself for everything. I take full responsibility.

But it’s so much easier to blame other people. Or pretend to anyway. I need to keep my sanity in tact, okay?

Personal Reflection

Sleeping Problems And Solutions

My mom wants me to sleep more, but she doesn’t want me to sleep in.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.

Fall asleep in class?

Turn into a robot?

Make a blog post about sleeping more but not sleeping in and hope my brain will take the hint?

For me, sleeping is sometimes harder than writing. I have a hard time falling asleep. Same goes for staying asleep. That’s why when I manage to sleep in, it’s somewhat of a miracle.

My mom doesn’t think so.