My Biggest Blogging Problem

I love writing. I love blogging. But I don’t love transcribing. So I have no problem writing posts by hand, but I struggle to type them all up.

I try to write a post every day. Problem is I don’t type everything in a timely manner.

I could switch between writing and transcribing. So I write a post one day and transcribe the next.

I’m behind and unsure how to catch up. I could spend the time writing on typing up the old posts I’ve written. Although I think I’d miss writing them.

Or I can just continue writing every day and transcribing when I have extra time. By the time I get around to publishing a post, sometimes the subject isn’t that relevant anymore.

I’ve thought about trying to write posts that aren’t time sensitive. So I wouldn’t write about a holiday or an event.

In a similar vein, I might attempt to draft posts I could publish at any time during the year.

I have the same problem with my creative writing. There are tons of handwritten poems and stories in multiple notebooks. None of which I’ve transcribed.

On one hand, I could eliminate handwriting to save time. I can jump straight to typing. Too bad I love writing by hand.

Do you handwrite and then transcribe? Do you type straight away?


Current Blogger Problem

I spend too much time obsessing over the aspects of my blogs that I can control. Case in point, I spent nearly an hour tinkering with my Tumblr blog today.

My flawed logic: schoolwork can wait, blogs do not.

Every part of me hopes your day was more productive than mine. If it wasn’t, tell me why. I’d love to know because I rather read everyone’s comments than read my textbook.


Blogger Problem

Having hundreds of drafts that you know will never, ever be published.

DraftsI have 187 and counting. But I’m doing my best to keep that number under 200.