Why You Should Date Or Marry A Writer

  • They know how to dispose of bodies.
  • They’ve memorized the meanings of random names.
  • They clean as a way to procrastinate.
  • They’re friends with other writers.
  • They tell real and fictional stories.
  • They’ll listen when you talk.
  • They want to go to bookstores.
  • They give people space.
  • They have the best taste.
  • They don’t have a sleeping schedule.

When I’m A Published Writer…

I will participate in every NaNoWriMo session and write 50,000 words easily.

I will walk into bookstores, secretly sign copies of my books, then leave with bags filled with notebooks.

I will attend writing conferences, meet many writers, write with them, etc.

I will host bookish giveaways on my blogs for the best followers in the world. 

I will be part of a group full of other writers where we talk about our work at any hour of the night.


A Mall Without A Bookstore

A mall without a bookstore is like a school without a library.

Okay, that wasn’t the perfect comparison. You can’t expect me to be perfect all the time. Contrary to what some people believe, I am human.

As a lover of words though I wish bookstores and libraries were everywhere. In every mall, in every school, in people’s homes.

But I guess the world isn’t perfect either.

Personal Reflection

Happy Places

My room.

A library.

All bookstores.

I can’t think of any others. Can you?


We Can’t Be Friends If…

We can’t be friends if…

  • you dog-ear the pages in a book.
  • you refuse to read something outside of your comfort zone.
  • you hate Stephen King, James Patterson, or Jodi Picoult.
  • you rather watch a movie than read the book.
  • you write in the margins of novels.
  • you don’t use a dictionary or a thesaurus frequently.
  • you treat books worse than you treat your friends.
  • you think libraries and bookstores are boring places.

There is a chance you can be my friend if you…

  • take care of books,
  • read a bit of everything,
  • appreciate authors,
  • prefer books over movies,
  • avoid ruining books,
  • look up words,
  • love books more than people,
  • enjoy surrounding yourself with books.