You’re Not Just A Writer, You’re Also…

  • a mother/father/brother/sister
  • a friend
  • a human being
  • a lawyer/singer/baker/insert your occupation
  • an editor
  • a reader (I hope)
  • a beta reader (sometimes)
  • your own best friend (maybe)
  • your worst critic (probably)
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Happy Birthday Poem (To All With Rhyme)

The number of people I know whose birthday it is today astounds me. Since I’m not going to dedicate a poem to each and every one of them, I’ll write a general piece for all of them. So to my brother, to a former classmate, and to an old friend…I wish you all the best along with anyone else who happens to be born on this day.

Happy Birthday Letters

I hope you know you mean a lot

I hope you find the things you sought

You are great the way you are

You shine just like a shooting star


People change when need be

But you can be you and I can be me

With so much left to discover

Let’s tear off the secret cover


Sometimes I am at a loss for words

As you triumph strongly onwards

To the many things that you teach

Cheers to the memories within our reach

Birthday Cake With Candle


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