Bad Blogger

I’ve been a very bad blogger as of late.

I apologize profusely. Nowadays, life is insanely busy so it’s hard finding a gigantic chunk of time to blog.

Thank you all for putting up with me through this difficult time. My promise to you: I’ll work on becoming a better blogger.


Is It Just Me Or Do Writers Like Being Busy?

I like being busy. I am a writer after all.

I see others complaining about too much work or too many deadlines. As far as I’m concerned, they are not writers.

So is it just me? Or do other writers enjoy being busy too?

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If I Don’t Reply To Your Text Message, Here’s Why:

I am…

  • reading
  • writing
  • blogging
  • dancing
  • sleeping

If, on the off chance, I am not doing any of the 5 above, I will gladly and quickly respond to your message.

If, however, I am occupied with a book, a notebook, a blog, a dance, or a bed, understand I’ll reply when I have the time to do so.

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings or confusion. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m a writer. And writers are busy people. Don’t hate us.

Personal Reflection

Apologies, Excuses, & Thanks

Dear readers,

Sorry for not blogging as much as I used to.

I’ve been busy, sick, and not at my best the past few weeks and especially within these last few days. I know that sounds like an excuse and if you know me, you know I don’t like making up excuses to justify my actions (or lack thereof).

Still, I owe my readers better than this. So I promise to post some more in-depth content over the next few weeks (since I won’t be spending about 8 hours at school every day).

This blogging community has given me so much and in return, I would like to give back in any way I can.

Thank you all for the cheerful comments, continual support, and constant love.

With appreciation,



Just A Little Heads Up

Aloha WordPress community!

My life is starting to get a little too hectic. More hectic than I would like. School is starting to take up a bigger chunk of my night. What a bummer.

For this reason I may or may not be blogging every single day like I normally do. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best.

Thanks for understanding.

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The Best Part Of My Summer

A poem I wrote a long time ago,  but since summer is coming to an end I wanted to share this. Although I am upset summer is almost over, I look forward to being busy once school starts again.

I hope everyone is having an awesome summer. Cherish these last few precious days while they last doing things you want to do and being with people you want to be with.


The best part of my summer,

Is that we got to spend it together.

Nothing compromised,

Nothing lost.

Just the bond we share,

That we could never lose.

Just the clean summer air,

Filling our shoes.

Not a moment wasted,

Not a thing forgotten.

Let us lie here still.

I will listen to you.

Let us feel the thrills of us two.

Are we alone in this world?

Tonight that is what I believe.

Thank you for making my summer,


*Summer In Canada