Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbor

FYI, I’m going to use the Canadian spelling of neighbour from now onwards because I live in Canada, and not the United States. Besides “neighbour” just doesn’t look the same without the ‘u’.

In real life, I’d be a horrible neighbour.

So to compensate, I try to be a good neighbour here on WordPress.

Leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Of course once I starting reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, I had a hard time stopping myself. So the task took longer than I initially intended.

Afterwards, I printed out an assignment for class. This was before I realized I royally screwed up the page numbering. So my essay is flawed. I’m flawed. My life is flawed. It all works out.

The old me would whine about how horrible my writing is. I’d say things like “I’m going to fail” or “I hate my essay” but the new me isn’t about that life. Also, people tell me I complain even though my marks are great. (Do I really do that?)

Thank you writing. Thank you reading. I owe my good grades to writers, authors, and bloggers. Shout-out to all of my wonderful neighbours.

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Happy Family Day! Happy Presidents’ Day! Happy Monday!

To some Canadians, Happy Family Day.

To fellow Americans, Happy Presidents’ Day.

To everyone else, Happy Monday.

Even if it isn’t Family Day where you live, I hope you are still able to spend at least a part of the day with your loved ones.

I’m not really sure what one does on Presidents’ Day, but brushing up on some history can’t hurt.

It’s Monday, which means we’re that much closer to the weekend.

Have a good day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

The day is not complete without taking a daily dosage of vitamin writing. So you better have written or will be writing sometime soon. I have nothing against non-writers…I just like writers more.

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Happy Memorial Day

Is it bad that I’m not too sure what Memorial Day really is?

Sorry, I’m Canadian; not American. Although, I am taking a course called American History so maybe I should know? Perhaps this is a testament to my ignorance?

Anyhow, I will Google what this day is all about right after I finish my blogging duties for today. To which you may wonder why I didn’t do any research prior to writing this post. To which I tell you I don’t have an appropriate explanation.

Moving on, have a good one my fellow American readers. If you’re living in Canada or any other country that doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day, have an awesome Monday. Hope the rest of your week is just as awesome if not even more awesome.

I know I’ve overused the word awesome in this post. So I will stop.

After rereading this post, I realize I sound a lot like a teenager. But isn’t that supposed to be normal considering I am one? OK, I probably should shut up now as I will only confuse myself more and potentially bore you. The latter is not something I ever intend to do. But if I do, tell me in the comment section below.

You could say something like, “Hey Herminia. You bore me.”

Or simply, “You’re boring.”

Then I will get the message. Until then, I will keep doing what I am doing.

I really should stop talking now, shouldn’t I?


A Call For Help (Learning All 50 States In The United States)

This Canadian writer is attempting to learn all 50 states of America and their exact locations in a mere few days. It’s actually for a class, although, this geography test might be beneficial for my personal reference for future novels.

I am so proud to be Canadian as we only have 10 provinces and 3 territories to know. At least now I can sympathize with all the American (past, present, and prospective) students in the world.

So this is my call for help: do you have any ideas or mnemonics as to how to memorize them all?

I wonder if anybody can spell and locate all 50 states correctly (without cheating, of course)? I’m sure some of you out there do! Much respect to all those who have mastered the names and places of the states for fun or out of force.

The map below is for everybody’s reference and also to refresh everyone’s memory of the states in the United States. If you click on the image, the map enlarges and the quality is much better.

Map of USA

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I’ll be back tomorrow updating you on my progress and a lighthearted post on writers.


Happy Thanksgiving…Are Writers Allowed To Have A Day Off?

The simple answer to that question posed in the title of this post is no.

Do you honestly think you deserve a break from work just because everyone else does too?

Didn’t you sign a contract that explicitly told you that you’ll be working 365 days a year or 366 days in leap years?

Don’t you remember as a writer you don’t get to have the same privileges as a normal working person?

I’m kidding. If you desperately need a holiday to recharge your batteries, go ahead. If you are willing to spend this Thanksgiving plowing away at a poem, story, manuscript, etc., be my guest.

Happy Thanksgiving Day if you’re Canadian!

Happy Columbus Day if you’re American!

Happy Thanksgiving