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Celebrate The Small Things In Life

It’s important to celebrate the small things in life, especially on hard days.

I have a few daily goals: reading, writing, blogging, dancing, and journaling. They’re small acts that make a big difference.

Obviously, doing something every day isn’t easy. Even more so when those things aren’t mandatory.

But I want to create. I need creative outlets, so I can express myself. Or else I’d lose my mind.

At this point, I feel odd not sticking with my habits every day. Because I’m so used to my routines, I don’t always realize how much progress I’ve made.

Sometimes I forget to celebrate small wins. But they often lead to bigger and better victories.

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This Is Your Year—Happy Chinese New Year

This is your year. It’s going to be your year.

If you’ve felt like you haven’t been following your new year resolutions or if you’ve given up on them, consider this another chance to start over.

Start new, start again, start fresh.

Start that book. Start that novel. Start that blog.

I hope you churn out words and conquer new worlds.

Keep doing you. Keep being great.

And continue to create.

Never stop reading, writing, and blogging. You aren’t reading, writing, or blogging? Start.

I can’t get enough of wishing you all the best, all the time.

Happy Chinese New Year. (Even if you don’t celebrate. Even if you aren’t Chinese. Even if you couldn’t care less.)

Make it awesome.

May you bask in happiness and prosperity!

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What I Splurge On

I hope everyone had a wonderful *insert what you celebrate here* (Christmas? Kwanzaa?).

Sorry I haven’t been on this blog as often as I usually am. I want to spend more time this winter break in bed—reading.

My to-be-read pile keeps growing because I keep adding new novels to my bookshelf.

I can’t help it.

Books are the one thing I don’t mind splurging on.

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Countdown To Christmas: Last Day

Over here in Canada, Christmas is so close, I can almost taste it.

But I know it’s already December the 25th in many parts of the world.


Merry Christmas or happy whatever-you-celebrate. If you don’t celebrate anything, happy Thursday.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I wish I could wish you all personally. But I can’t won’t.

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Happy Memorial Day

Is it bad that I’m not too sure what Memorial Day really is?

Sorry, I’m Canadian; not American. Although, I am taking a course called American History so maybe I should know? Perhaps this is a testament to my ignorance?

Anyhow, I will Google what this day is all about right after I finish my blogging duties for today. To which you may wonder why I didn’t do any research prior to writing this post. To which I tell you I don’t have an appropriate explanation.

Moving on, have a good one my fellow American readers. If you’re living in Canada or any other country that doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day, have an awesome Monday. Hope the rest of your week is just as awesome if not even more awesome.

I know I’ve overused the word awesome in this post. So I will stop.

After rereading this post, I realize I sound a lot like a teenager. But isn’t that supposed to be normal considering I am one? OK, I probably should shut up now as I will only confuse myself more and potentially bore you. The latter is not something I ever intend to do. But if I do, tell me in the comment section below.

You could say something like, “Hey Herminia. You bore me.”

Or simply, “You’re boring.”

Then I will get the message. Until then, I will keep doing what I am doing.

I really should stop talking now, shouldn’t I?

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The End Of This Blog?

Fellow bloggers,

I was thinking about this blog. More specifically, I was thinking about ending this blog. I’m ready to give up on blogging. I’m ready to quit writing. Now’s the time to part from both. Besides, my life is hugely occupied by this blog. If I closed my WordPress account, I would have more time to do other things. After all, I am a student. Everyone says being a student is my first priority. Everything else is secondary. Without blogging in the way, I can focus more on my grades. I can concentrate on my future. Oh, who am I fooling? There is no way I could stop writing or quit blogging. I love this blog like it’s my baby. Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope I didn’t manage to fool you. I know I didn’t fool myself. Especially since giving up and quitting is so unlike me. Anyhow, I’m not trying to be a cruel person by taking advantage of April Fool’s Day. Because…it isn’t just April Fool’s Day! Yep, April 1st, 2013 was the day I created this blog. Although my first post was published on April 2nd, 2013, I still feel like I should celebrate today. It is, in a way, my one year blogging anniversary. So I plan to do something special.

I know I don’t say this enough but hear me out. I think you know I don’t take any of this for granted. Especially since I couldn’t have ran a blog all by myself. Thanks to every single one of you for making my blogging journey so incredibly amazing/enjoyable/every wonderful adjective known to mankind. I appreciate all your support and I am truly grateful for everything.

Lots of love,

Herminia (who shall really be referred to as aspiringwriter22)


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Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Friday! Happy Birthday!

Happy Chinese New Year!

To those who don’t celebrate, happy Friday!

You know what I just realized? Today is January 31st. The last day in January. Happy last day of January everyone!

Hope everyone is having a terrific day. Have an incredible weekend. Wishing you all a wonderful end of January and a new start in February.

Also, a quick shout-out to one of my best friends in the entire universe! Thank you so much for being there day after day. You’re the best! Happy birthday girl!

Apologies for the excessive exclamation marks. I am just overly excited.

Thanks a bunch to all of you for making the start of 2014 so fantastic.

I look forward to the next 11 months with the best fans ever.