All The Things A Writer Wants For Christmas

Happy December! As a writer, there are many things I want for Christmas.

  • A finished manuscript. I seriously need to stop abandoning stories.
  • Some new ideas. Sometimes I have too many. Sometimes I don’t have any.
  • More time. 25 hours in a day would be nice.
  • Small acts of kindness. Is that too much to ask for?
  • Peace and quiet. A baby crying nonstop is the complete opposite.
  • Someone to retrieve my sanity and bring it back to me. I don’t have any monetary reward, but I’ll dedicate my first book to you.
  • More money in my bank account. So I can buy stuff I don’t need.
  • A lifetime supply of books. I’m running out of space so…
  • Another bookshelf. Too bad my room is too small for that.
  • A house with a library in it. And on office.
  • The imposter syndrome to go away. Does it ever?
  • I’d love for my muse to come back to me. I’m not sure where it’s gone. Probably somewhere nicer and warmer.
  • Procrastination can leave me alone. The door is that way. I hope it bites you in the head, you big pest.
  • A strong dose of inspiration. The stronger the better.
  • I need motivation. Desperately.
  • Good sleep. Restful nights where I don’t wake up at an ungodly hour and start to contemplate all of my life choices.
  • A better sense of humour. Or someone who gets my sarcasm.
  • To see people I want to see and not see people I don’t want to. Knowing my luck however, the exact opposite will happen. I see someone who is a stranger to me more than I see my best friend. The universe clearly enjoys toying with my emotions.
  • Patience. Current status: non-existent. I have no idea how people keep calm and collected all the time. I can’t control myself. I’m out of control. Send help.
  • I really want to get over my fear of operating a motor vehicle, so I can drive myself far, far away and write for days. That’s my goal in life.

Write Even When…

  • you’re sick.
  • you’re tired.
  • it’s Christmas.
  • it’s your birthday.
  • you have two jobs.
  • you go to school full-time.
  • everyone else is relaxing.
  • everyone else is on holiday.
  • you don’t want to.
  • you aren’t inspired.
Creative Writing

Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas to you

May you find happiness that’s true

Have a happy and healthy day 

May everything go your way 


All I Want

Now more than ever I want books for my birthday.

And Christmas.

Actually, it’s more like every day of every year.

Books are all I want, but I never seem to get books as presents.

Why must the world be so cruel and deny me of the only thing I need in life?


Feel Free To Yell At Me

I’m happy to announce that I’m officially finished with all my classes and term work for this semester. Which means I’ll have more time. So, in theory, my blog posts should be better.

And if that isn’t the case, feel free to yell at me.

I hope to create great content leading up to Christmas. It’s my gift to you. Until I can start tossing money left and right, I’ll settle for creating awesome stuff.

I wish the same for all of you. Keep making, writing, and doing whatever else you love to do.

Personal Reflection

Wisdom Teeth Removal Before, During, And After


I wasn’t supposed to eat or drink at least eight hours prior. My throat was parched. I could barely speak, much less answer questions.

“Do you have any allergies?” My reply: “Nuogh.”


I was sedated but conscious enough to be aware of what was going on.

“Open wide.” These were the only words directed at me while the operation was happening.


Painkillers are a lifesaver. Seriously. Once I’m done writing this post, I’ll be off popping pills. Poor choice of words, I know, but at this point, I’m still hurting too much to care.

Goodbye wisdom teeth (x 4). Hello, hellish world of pain.

Oh, I can’t wait for the pain to subside. It’ll be like Christmas again.

Personal Reflection · Reading

What I Splurge On

I hope everyone had a wonderful *insert what you celebrate here* (Christmas? Kwanzaa?).

Sorry I haven’t been on this blog as often as I usually am. I want to spend more time this winter break in bed—reading.

My to-be-read pile keeps growing because I keep adding new novels to my bookshelf.

I can’t help it.

Books are the one thing I don’t mind splurging on.

Personal Reflection

Countdown To Christmas: Last Day

Over here in Canada, Christmas is so close, I can almost taste it.

But I know it’s already December the 25th in many parts of the world.


Merry Christmas or happy whatever-you-celebrate. If you don’t celebrate anything, happy Thursday.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I wish I could wish you all personally. But I can’t won’t.