Some Important Things To Remember About Habits

It’s OK if you miss a day. You don’t have to do everything every day.

Start small. One hour might be too much, but ten minutes is more realistic. Don’t try to do too much right away.

Consistency is crucial. Forget about the results or numbers. Putting in a little bit of work every day beats doing a whole lot once in a blue moon. Your progress adds up.

Adapt accordingly. You’re allowed to change your habits.

Keep a diary or journal where you can jot down your habits. That way, you’re able to look back and see what you accomplished.

Simplify. If you’re over complicating the process, you’re less likely to do the habit. Make it easier on yourself to do the things you want to do.

Prioritize your habits. Not every habit is equal. So when you’re having an especially busy day, know what to put first and what can wait.

You can try to kill two birds with one stone. Be careful you aren’t dividing your attention though.

Find a balance. You don’t have to turn all your hobbies into habits. Sometimes, you’re better off having some flexibility.

Push yourself but never to the point of pain.

Daily habits shouldn’t hold you back from trying new things. No matter what, life will happen to you whether you like it or not. So live every day.


10 Pieces Of Writing Advice

  1. Respect your readers.
  2. Express yourself clearly.
  3. Never waste words.
  4. Strive for consistency.
  5. Perceive the world.
  6. Punctuate with purpose.
  7. Overcome all obstacles.
  8. Find your voice.
  9. Enjoy the journey.
  10. Love the craft.

A Weird Bookish Wish

I sometimes wish that books in a series were approximately the same length.

So the books would look about the same in terms of thickness.

Consistency makes me happy.

The Maze Runner Series

The above pleases me.

The below not so much.

The Mortal Instruments Series

I’m not that bothered by it. I just thought I’d make a blog post about my strange thoughts.


How To Impress A Writer

Thing is I’m not easily impressed. Perhaps, I’m just extremely picky as an editor/reader. Or perhaps I search too hard for perfection in every piece of writing. Whatever the case, I always find myself secretly correcting grammar mistakes, mentally rewording sentences, and fixing punctuation problems.   

Sometimes, however, I am blown away by the calibre and merit of an article. So when am I impressed and how do you impress a writer with a critical eye?

Get to the point. The quicker the better.

Write purposefully. I don’t want to read 10 pages of meaningless prose.

Make the reader think. People have a brain remember?

Stop the gimmicks, stay consistent. Need I say more?

Don’t overstate everything. Likewise, don’t understate points of importance.

If you can achieve all five beautifully, you’ve done what most cannot. That is you’ve managed to make an impression on me and maybe even a long lasting one.