Creative Writing

What If You Faced The Page…

What if you faced the page the same way you did once upon a time?

No ulterior motive. No agenda.

Just a story that needs to be told.

Not worried about perfection.

Sit down right now. Overcome what’s holding you back. Resist resistance.

You know you can. You have a chance.

Take what’s in front of you. Don’t look back.

Time waits for no one. Life goes on. The world won’t stop.

You have to do more to get where you want to go.

Have you forgotten why you first started? How did you begin?

Don’t think too much. There’s a song only you can sing.

What if you faced the page the same way you did as a kid?

Creative Writing

Before You | A Poem

How much

have you

given up

don’t you know

there’s still more

to be done

just started

be tired

at the end

not the beginning

build on

hard work

make sacrifices

get up

start doing

after all

millions have

before you.

Creative Writing

Save My Soul | A Poem

Does it bother you

To look into my eyes

And see the darkness inside

Can you breathe life into me

Make my heart beat less faintly

Will you run a hand over my scars

Kiss my not so perfect parts

Like a bruise or birthmark

Start a fire that will burn forever

Pick up the glass pieces

Scatter the remaining ashes

Follow me to heaven

Fall back down to hell

Save my soul somehow

Creative Writing

Tearing You Apart | A Poem

If they don’t see

Behind the scenes

They can’t judge you

Tell you what to be

Because they don’t know

The storms you’ve faced

Or the strikes you had to take

And you still wear your scars

Inside your heart 

Under your sleeve 

Covered up  

Despite that tearing you apart 

Creative Writing

Take | A Poem

You can take everything away from me

My house, my clothes

You can reduce my life to nothing

To a name, number

You can beat me down

Until I’m broken, scarred

Why don’t you rip out

My mind, my heart

Throw all you’ve got

Every stick, stone

I’ll have you know

You can’t take away my home

Creative Writing

Cloudy Skies

Cloudy skies

Gray, blue, black


Purple, pink, yellow


Rains at night

Showers and stars

Bright light

Fading far

Creative Writing

Define Success

Remember what is important

Success is defined by you

Sometimes your failures are kept silent

Just let the successes shine through

Creative Writing


You said to keep going

To never give up 

You’re going places 

Even when you feel stuck

But I’m close to letting go 

Of the rope I’m hanging on 

When I do what I choose 

Will you help me through?