Flattered And Insulted

It’s flattering but insulting when someone thinks that something you wrote was written by someone else.

I like creating my own content and writing my own words. I don’t like copying others or stealing intellectual property.

When I use work that isn’t my own, I cite it. I give full credit. As a creator myself, I respect creators and their creations.

I shall go nurse my wounds since I’m flattered and insulted right now. Don’t mind me.

Also to all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you everyone for continuing to put up with me.


Copying, Stealing, and Plagiarizing

I’m frustrated and infuriated with several people who decided to copy, steal, and plagiarize my ideas.

If you’re going to use somebody else’s ideas, give them credit. If you can’t give them credit, don’t use their idea.

Don’t claim it as your own.

That’s just wrong.

See I’m okay with people being inspired by others or learning from them. In fact, I am all for it.

Individuals who think it is okay to copy and paste are my problem. It should be obvious that changing one word does not make the idea yours. Changing one word or one line does not magically make you the creator of the work.

To me, the worst kind of stealing is stealing intellectual property.

I guess these imbeciles want to deal with the wrath of a writer. As well as the wrath of someone who has dreamed of being an IP lawyer.


Why Am I Failing English Class?

First of all, I’m not failing English class. I don’t think I ever have. I do, however, know some people who have indeed failed, meaning they didn’t achieve at least a 50 percent as their final mark. How tragic.

So why did they fail? Or maybe why are they failing?

Never fear, I’m here. I’m going to answer that (even though I really should be completing my English homework).

  • You hate analyzing. And I mean you absolutely hate it. Take me, for instance. I don’t see the point in analyzing a piece of work. Why can’t I just analyze my own work? Hehe, just kidding.
  • You don’t ever receive constructive feedback from your peers. I only have two reasons for this. You’re an advanced writer (read: published) and your classmates are not. Or nobody wants to help you get better or see you improve out of pure spite and jealousy. From past experience, it’s usually the former. Sometimes the latter. Once in a blue moon, both simultaneously occur.
  • You get stuck in groups where you do all the work. You write it, you edit it, you present it. But then these group-mates get credit for your hard labor. Someone please just rip out my heart right now. Don’t worry about returning it either.

That’s all I have for today.

If you would love to see more reasons, I can make that happen. Blogging beats doing English homework any day.

Am I right or am I right?


3 Types Of People Writers Detest

  1. People who want the credit, fame, and/or recognition but don’t want to do any work.

  2. People who act pompous and conceited yet are ignorant and foolish.

  3. People who spend two hours watching a movie but won’t spend two hours reading a book.