Pick One: Fiction Tropes

Below I pit two fiction tropes against each other and pick the one I prefer.

Overly protective brother overly protective father?

Brother. I love this trope so much.

Haters to lovers or lovers to haters?

Even though I’m not the biggest romance reader, I enjoy a good haters to lovers storyline. Certainly more than love at first sight, gets married next month.

Haters to lovers or enemies to friends?

Enemies to friends. I’m here for platonic relationships.

Love triangle or love square?

I don’t love either, but I’ll go with a square. The more the merrier, I guess.

Rags to riches or riches to rags?

The former. I want characters to succeed.

A hero or an anti-hero?

Anti-hero. Not everyone can be brave and courageous or save the world, am I right?

Vampires or werewolves?

Thanks to Christopher Pike, vampire books gave me life as a teenager.

Funny friend or smart sidekick?

Give me both any day, but I often relate to a smart sidekick more. I’m just not funny.

Real dating or fake dating?

The latter all the way. It’s fun reading about people who have to pretend they’re in love.

I’d love to know which fiction tropes you would pick.


Why Blogging Is Better Than Dating

I may be single, but I’m in a serious relationship with my blog.

You call the shots. Do what you want, wherever you want? Don’t have to wait for anyone or anything? Free reign over any and every decision? Sign me up.

You can take breaks. If you’re busy, you can put blogging on hold. Mow imagine telling that a boyfriend or girlfriend you want to put your relationship on hold.

You make your own happiness. Never rely on someone to make you happy. Why would you when there’s an always reliable blog in your life.

Your blog will always be there for you. Unlike human beings who are too busy living their own lives. Their loss.

You confront a blank page, not a real person. It’s the best and worst thing about being a blogger. There will always be a brand new post waiting for you in the wings.

Blogging is, without a doubt, better than dating.


Why This Writer Would Never Date Another Writer

Reason One: We would rarely see one another.

“Oh, are you busy tonight?”


“Are you busy every day for the next year?”


“Okay. See you a year and a day from now?”


“On second thought, I might be busy then.”

Case in point.

Reason Two: We would be more in love with our work (read: fictional characters) rather than each other.

“I love my current protagonist.”

“Oh yeah? Right now, I love my antagonist.”

“Do you love me?”

“Not as much as I love my antagonist, no.”

“That’s okay. The feeling is mutual. I love my protagonist more than I’ll ever love you.”

That’s one healthy relationship.

Reason Three: We would be poor separately but penniless together. 

“So uh, are you paying for this?”

“I thought you were.”

“I don’t have any cash with me.”

“Neither do I.”

“Well we could always starve, live on the streets, and wear the clothes on our backs for the rest of our lives.”

What a bright future we have together.

I have reached the end of this post, which is a little different from my normal ones. I know I’m being dramatic and exaggerating the truth. That’s the whole point. Of course most of you know I don’t mean to offend or insult anyone. Especially all the lovely writers reading this.

I originally wrote this post for fun (more like my sanity), but now I’m starting to think dating another writer wouldn’t be so bad. We’d both pursue our dreams, enjoy what we do, and go through hardships like any couple. This entire post is wildly inaccurate. I may just rename it to…

Why This Writer Would Date Another Writer


Twitter Sins With Real Life Equivalents

It’s difficult to come up with an accurate title for every blog post. I can’t always be perfect. Although I must admit the title “Twitter Sins With Real Life Equivalents” isn’t half bad if I do say so myself. Anyhow, I know this post is a bit different from my usual ones focused more on writing and/or blogging. Just wanted to switch it up a bit to avoid boring you. Enjoy.

Spamming someone with DMs, short for direct messages.

More like texting someone one too many times.

Following someone only to un-follow them later and re-follow them shortly after.

This is equivalent to dating someone, breaking up with them, and making up with your him or her.

Spamming your followers by sending tweet after tweet with a few seconds in between each.

Real life scenario: never shutting up.

The above aren’t exactly sins. If only they were…


Being Single And Being A Writer On Valentine’s Day

At the end of my post yesterday I said I would update you on my progress of memorizing the 50 states and I’d write about writers in a lighthearted manner and now I’m rambling and most English teachers, mine especially, would scream that this is a run-on sentence.

Regardless, my Sunday is going well. My progress on learning the 50 states—spellings and settings—is coming along. As for the promised post about writers, I shall present to you the below…

The Promised Lighthearted Post On Writers (I left out the “being single” part yesterday; forgive me please):

Being Single And Being A Writer On Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, I figured I’d climb the love bandwagon (not literally, just figuratively) to some extent by writing about this fabulous holiday or half-holiday since most people don’t have the day off this Friday. Did I mention that serious writers never have any days off? Yep, writing is not just a stop-and-go kind of gig; it’s a life-long commitment.

Keep in mind this article is intended to be lighthearted, humorous, and comical.

Never fear being single and being a writer this Valentine’s Day. Here’s why:

  • You save money. Let’s be honest. For every rich writer in the world, there are plenty of penniless ones. What do they say again? Oh right, the truth hurts. In any case, if you’re a single writer on February 14th, you can sleep peacefully knowing you won’t have to spend a cent on someone else. That isn’t to say you can’t spend some money on yourself. Go buy your mind a book, buy your mouth some chocolate, buy yourself anything you can afford.
  • You are free to do as you please. Freedom is everything in the writing world. All writers enjoy the freedom, the liberty, the independence that comes with being a writer. In fact, most people wish to  have free will and some choice in life. If you’re single, you make your own rules. Not just on V-Day but every day of the year. Do something that triggers those happiness hormones in your body. Preferably, reading or writing. Or, if you prefer blogging, blog. You don’t have the burden of working around somebody else’s schedule. You just have to worry about your own. Determine your own fate. Don’t let your significant other (or lack thereof) stop you from living your life.
  • You can wear what you want. This last point is perhaps my favourite. You can wear what you want. You can dress up or dress down. You can throw on layers or throw off layers. Ironically, February 14th is a day where you don’t have to worry about impressing others. Go ahead, throw on your pajamas. I know how comfortable they are. Even better you need not worry about your weight on this special day. Besides, you can always hit the gym some other time. Like before summer comes along. Or after you publish your novel. If that is the case, you’ll be appearing on TV and magazines and newspapers and book signings. Now that’s an urgent excuse to use your gym membership instead of letting it collect dust in the corner of your drawer. Until then, you can rest easy knowing you are able to wear something that you actually want to wear without the pressure of someone scrutinizing your body.

Single. Check.

Writer. Check.

Single writer this Valentine’s Day. Check. Double check. Triple check.


Disadvantages And Downfalls To Dating A Writer

  1. We will write about anyone and this includes you. Hey, that’s a compliment. You’re interesting enough for us to write about. And you’re helping us earn some money at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.  
  2. We talk to ourselves. You could be listening to the next best-seller. So nod, pretend you’re listening, and for crying out loud don’t walk away from us with that confused yet cold stare across your face.
  3. We leave our things everywhere. Don’t freak out when you see papers scattered all around the house when your significant other is working on a novel.   
  4. Writers live off Ramen noodles and tap water. Sorry if our taste palate isn’t fully developed yet. We will pass on the caviar thank you very much.
  5. Writers hoard everything. If you move anything from its original location, we will know. If you throw away anything of ours (i.e. our poems, stories, novels), all hell will break loose.
  6. Writers like to correct other people’s grammar and spelling. By no means are we insulting you, we are helping you.
  7. Our space and privacy is important. Please don’t look at what we do online or you might be inclined to call the police.
  8. Our gifts are usually mini-novels written on cards. Most of us are broke. Some of us enjoying saving for other important purchases like books. But all writers enjoy writing so any chance we get to write something, we will.
  9. Our calling (writing) comes first. Meaning writing comes before you. Don’t be jealous we spend more time writing than cuddling with you.
  10. You must support us. Or we’ll leave you. Don’t give your writer flowers or chocolate. Give our blogs a read, our manuscripts a revision, our books a review. If not, you really don’t love us. 

The above might explain the below:

Ten Commandments For Dating A Writer


10 Commandments For Dating A Writer

Do you think dating a writer would be cool? Would you ever want the pleasure of telling the whole world, “Hey, I’m dating a writer!” Wouldn’t it be impressive if you brought a writer home to your mom? Now before you jump off that deadly cliff and plunge into the world of dating writer, there are a few things you might want to know.

See, the problem is everyone thinks writers fall into one of two categories: the smart, funny, hardworking nerd or the lazy, unemployed, crazy psycho. Most people assume we fall into the latter category by the way. Truth be told, we really aren’t that bad. If you want a relationship with a writer, and I mean a real, sustainable relationship, not a one night stand or a one time fling—it might help to have a a way to navigate this unknown terrain. Your writer lover will be forever happy at best. Or you’ll see yourself murdered in a book at worst. Either way, the writer and you will both benefit from this relationship, right?

Below are the Ten Commandments for dating a writer. These are the rules. Your homework: memorize and follow them accordingly.

  1. Don’t Google us.
  2. Don’t read anything we write.
  3. Don’t offer to edit our work for us.
  4. Don’t rely on us to pay for anything important.
  5. Don’t be mad when we abandon you for writing.
  6. Don’t bother us when we are writing.
  7. Don’t call us every minute of every hour of every day.
  8. Don’t start an argument with us.
  9. Don’t question our dramatics.
  10. Don’t ever hurt our baby/babies (read: our manuscripts). 

The above is better explained by clicking the link below:

Disadvantages And Downfalls To Dating A Writer