Making The Most Of Unproductive Days

Unproductive days are okay. Sometimes you deserve to relax. Other times you have to be productive out of necessity.

Regardless, you can’t work all day, every day for 365 days of the year.

Life happens. Unforeseen events and circumstances occur. That’s how it always has been. How it always will be.

We can have the best intentions. We can make elaborate plans. But our intentions don’t always result in the things we expected or desired. Besides, plans fall through.

It’s tough to feel like you’ve let a perfectly good day go by. As if you wasted 24 hours. But if you were happy, if you spent some of the time doing what you wanted, would you say that’s wasted time? Or would you think it’s time well spent?

Perhaps you weren’t productive in the morning. But what’s stopping you from having a productive afternoon or evening?

Maybe you spend 8 hours sleeping and lying in bed every day, give or take. But if you work hard for even just 2 or 6 hours, you can still get a lot done.

Never let one bad thing have a domino effect on everything else. Never allow one negative person to ruin all the positives in your life.

In a perfect world, everything would be optimized all the time. But you don’t live in a perfect world. So one day you might prioritize blogging over reading. Another day it could be writing over editing. What’s the problem?

At least you’re making progress on something. And you’re doing what makes you happy.

Productivity isn’t just about getting a lot of work done. Because there’s so much more to life than just work.

Maybe working easy on the right things is better than working hard on the wrong things.


To Pull Or Not To Pull All Nighters

I have never pulled one. I hope I never have to.

Frankly I haven’t stayed up past midnight for anything school related. And I’m not ashamed to say that.

It just isn’t worth it. I don’t see the point of staying up late into the night, especially since it impairs your ability to function during the day.

Sleep triumphs school any day of the week.


One Of Those Days

Does anyone else have those days where you just aren’t happy with anything?

Those days make daily blogging more challenging. Days where I’m not pleased with any idea. Days where I want to scrap every draft. Days where I don’t want to publish a planned post because I simply cannot be satisfied.

I am too high maintenance for my own good.

Can I just smash my fingers on the keyboard already? I’m surprised I haven’t done that yet.

It’ll happen, one day. Just you wait.

Creative Writing

The Day Never Ends

Our jokes go untold

Stories yet to unfold

In the midst of my dreams

I see a reality

A struggle in silence

A battle in our minds

We can begin again

Because the day never ends

Reading · Studying

On A Good Day Versus A Bad Day

On a good day: deciding between reading and studying.

On a bad day: deciding what to read next.

Today was both a good and bad day. I did a lot of reading but very little studying. Also, I had to choose which book I wanted to read next.

I’m going to shamelessly plug my Goodreads on here every so often. Send me a friend request because I’d love to know what you’re reading. It’ll make my bad days worse. If you think choosing between two books is bad, try twenty. Or two hundred.

Personal Reflection

Those Days…

  • You do too much
  • You do too little
  • You feel alive
  • You feel dead
  • You are productive
  • You are inactive

This weekend I’ve done too much, which has made me feel alive and productive.

But now I don’t want to do anything, except sleep forever and not move a single muscle in my body.


Procrastination At Its Peak

I’ve been putting off a blog article I’m supposed to write for three weeks. I’m not usually this bad. It has to be something in the air. What else could it possibly be?

My calendar is full of arrows because I keep postponing. Taking a month to write one quick post is a new record for me.

The topic isn’t the problem. My discipline, or lack thereof, is.

Is it safe to blame this cursed education system? There are only so many hours in the day. And one-third of it is spent at school.


Happy National Handwriting Day

Since I’ve been seeing articles about this everywhere, it would be wrong for me to neglect such an important day.

I love the concept behind it. I just wished more people put pen or pencil to paper every day. In my opinion, every day should be National Handwriting Day.

As if writers needed another reason to write, right?

Go write if you haven’t. And if you have then write some more.

Wishing you all a very happy National Handwriting Day!