Some Important Things To Remember About Habits

It’s OK if you miss a day. You don’t have to do everything every day.

Start small. One hour might be too much, but ten minutes is more realistic. Don’t try to do too much right away.

Consistency is crucial. Forget about the results or numbers. Putting in a little bit of work every day beats doing a whole lot once in a blue moon. Your progress adds up.

Adapt accordingly. You’re allowed to change your habits.

Keep a diary or journal where you can jot down your habits. That way, you’re able to look back and see what you accomplished.

Simplify. If you’re over complicating the process, you’re less likely to do the habit. Make it easier on yourself to do the things you want to do.

Prioritize your habits. Not every habit is equal. So when you’re having an especially busy day, know what to put first and what can wait.

You can try to kill two birds with one stone. Be careful you aren’t dividing your attention though.

Find a balance. You don’t have to turn all your hobbies into habits. Sometimes, you’re better off having some flexibility.

Push yourself but never to the point of pain.

Daily habits shouldn’t hold you back from trying new things. No matter what, life will happen to you whether you like it or not. So live every day.


My Journaling Journey

I started journaling on August 22, 2015. My birthday of all days.

I strive for one page. It doesn’t take too long to do, but I have enough space to express and explore my thoughts. The notebook I’m using currently is quite large, so I aim for half.

I love how calming and relaxing the process is.

Growing up, I used to have trouble falling asleep. I would stay up obsessing over everything. But journaling allows me to externalize my worries, fears, etc.

I journal every night, which helps clear my mind before bed. After all, I get to dump my concerns down on the page.

In a way, it’s therapeutic too.

I know no one will read my journal, so I let myself write what I want. I can be honest and speak my mind. Besides, I’m not writing to impress or please anyone.

I’m happy to say I’ve stuck with the habit every day for two years, nearly three now.

At times, my journal is like a diary. I enjoy recounting my day. What I did, what I didn’t do even.

Sometimes I’ll look back and reread my old entries. I love seeing how far I’ve come.

I don’t want to stop, so I plan to keep journaling.

Besides, I’m so used to picking up a pen and opening up the notebook. I don’t have to think about it.

I’m beginning to realize many of the things I do on a daily basis is out of habit. At one point, I decided to journal, to blog, to write.

I still choose to reach for a pen instead of the remote, open my journal instead of Facebook.

After all, good habits shouldn’t die hard.

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Brilliant Idea: Virtual School Diary?

I’ve come up with a brilliant idea. Yes, I come up with plenty of ideas. No, not all of them are brilliant. Yet I think this one is going to be amazingly successful.

Some back story first to shed light on why I think my idea will be effective.

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary of some sort but I never could. Strange but true. After trying many times and failing all those times to keep at it consistently, this might be the perfect solution to solve my commitment problems or should I say my lack of commitment problems.

For the next 194 days (according to Ontario’s Ministry of Education), I’ll be writing and posting about my adventures (sounds more exciting than experiences, no?) at school. Never fear, I won’t overload my blog with my school experiences (see it doesn’t sound the same as adventures), to the point where I stop posting about writing. Rather I’ll have this virtual diary posted on my Facebook. Check it out if you like, give the page a like if you wouldn’t mind reading about my life at school, and/or comment on a post if something piques your interest.

This way, I’ll commit to my journal writing every day for the next 194 days school days because I’m being held accountable to some extent. I’ll have you, my readers, keeping me on track. At the very least, I’ll feel like I will disappoint if I do not succeed. This has worked so far for my blog as I managed to post every single day for the past five months. Surely, I can keep an online diary for the next ten months.

If this fails, (bear in mind my species—writers—detest the bitter taste of failure) I have no other grand ideas in mind. Perhaps, someone out there has a suggestion?

Were you able to keep a journal for an extended period of time? What worked for you? What didn’t?

Will I be able to keep a school journal from September to June?

You’ll have to stop by and see.

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My Summer Plans and Resolutions

What I Planned On Doing:

  • Write a novel or two
  • Start a Twitter account
  • Read as many books on my summer reading list as possible
  • Keep a diary for a month
  • Perfect my aerial (a.k.a. a cartwheel with no hands)

What I’ve Done So Far:

  • Thought about writing a novel and abandoned all my ideas
  • I actually did make an account on Twitter today. Yay me. Share your ideas about writing and blogging with me: @hermina_chow22,
  • Tried to find the books on my summer reading list at my public library to no avail
  • Procrastinated and told myself I’ll keep a diary in August
  • Made many fail attempts at getting my side aerial

Perhaps, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that I never seem to keep…I will make resolutions halfway through the year and potentially keep some of them.

My Summer Resolutions:

  • Post every day on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the rest of the summer. If one day I fail to do so, kindly point that out for me.
  • Learn more, read more, know more, and do more so I can write more.
  • Love what I write. Or as I like to call it, “STOP HATING, STOP CRITICIZING, AND START LOVING MY WORK.” This one might be the hardest one for me unfortunately.
  • Start living more in the moment. Stop living in the past. Stop worrying about the future. It’s my summer for crying out loud.
  • Keep doing what I’m doing for myself and no one else.

One last note: does anybody find it hard not to go over Twitter’s character limit? Or is it just me?