I’m Not A Good Novel Writer

I don’t have the patience. I used to once upon a time. But now I can’t seem to write a novel from start to finish.

It’s OK. Maybe I’m not meant to be a novelist. I’m still a writer. For now, I’ll stick to shorter stories and projects.

I’d still like to push and challenge myself. I want to create, so I will.

I’m currently working on a bunch of different things. Hopefully, one pans out.

When I look back at old manuscripts, I realize I’ve come along way. But there’s still a lot further for me to go.

Writing a novel is hard. I have so much respect for those who do.

When I first started, I had no idea what I was getting into. But I’m glad I picked up a pen and filled page after page.

Time would fall away. I could’ve stayed in that moment forever. I didn’t care about money or fame. The voices in my head didn’t stop me from writing. Neither did all the voices of society.

Remember what it was like to write when you were a kid. Think about all the fun you had.

Doubt is crippling. It can stop you from chasing and living your dreams. Don’t let it. You’re better than you think.

What are you scared of? What do you have to lose? Think of everything you stand to gain.

Personal Reflection

Fears, Doubts, And Uncertainties

Because almost nothing in life is a guarantee, there will always be some degree of uncertainty to it.

I’m at a point in life where I have doubts. I don’t know as much as I’d like to. I have more questions than answers.

I feel somewhat scared when I think about the future, especially imagining worst-case scenarios. What if nothing works out?

As I get older, there are more things I’m expected to do that I’ve never done before. Obligations and responsibilities galore. Being an adult isn’t so glamorous.

First time for everything, right? Oftentimes the first anything isn’t easy. First job. First love. First house.

Taking things one day at a time helps. Otherwise, I’d get overwhelmed thinking about my life thirty years from now.

After all, we only ever have right now. This very moment. The present.

Even though I joke about being old, I’m only twenty. I haven’t been around that long. I still have so much to experience. If anything, I’m just getting started.

When I was younger, I felt more confident in myself. I believed in my abilities. But right now, I’m not so sure.

I feel like I’m standing on uneven ground.

To be frank, I’m not where I want to be. Far from it. Hopefully, I’ll get where I want to go sooner rather than later. When the time is right, I’ll get to my destination.

I don’t feel ready or prepared at all for anything. But that’s okay. I’ll learn as fast as I can. I can always get better.

I can’t redo some firsts. But I can use those experiences the second time around, the third, so on and so forth.

Who cares if I fail the first time? Who cares if I don’t do well right away?

So what if I lose instead of win? So what if I get rejected 99 times out of 100?

If everything came easy, what would be the point of doing anything at all?

Writing this has given me some much needed perspective. I hope it helps anyone out there who needed to hear these words.

No matter what happens, you’re going to be okay.


When In Doubt, Blog It Out

I doubt just about everything and everyone, especially myself. 

The older I get, the more cynical I become.

Even though I try to appear put together and self-assured on the outside, inside I’m full of doubts. Usually they surface in the form of questions. 

Can I do this? Will it work? What if I fail?

Yes. It might. There’s nothing wrong with failing but everything’s wrong with not trying.

Sometimes when I’m not sure of something, I’ll blog about it. Blogging doesn’t solve all my problems. But I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t helped me get through this complicated journey that is life.

When in doubt, blog it out. Or write. Or journal. Whatever works.


3 Word Advice

Eliminate all doubts.

Shed every fear.

Wield a pen.

Attack the page.

Pay your dues.

Personal Reflection

Love Yourself

Love yourself so no one else has to. Respect yourself so no one else needs to.

Treat yourself too.

I went from trying to sound profound and inspirational to well, that.

Don’t doubt thyself!

Now I’m sounding like a phony.


How To Be A Happier Writer

  1. Don’t abandon.
  2. Don’t avoid.
  3. Don’t blame.
  4. Don’t betray.
  5. Don’t compare.
  6. Don’t compete.
  7. Don’t deceive.
  8. Don’t doubt.
  9. Don’t expect.
  10. Don’t expose.
  11. Don’t fear.
  12. Don’t forfeit.
  13. Don’t gossip.
  14. Don’t gloat.
Personal Reflection

Lesson Learned: Never Let Anyone Question You

This happened yesterday.

A teacher and many of my peers did not believe me when I said “curt” was a real word. In fact, they brushed it off and said it was merely a name.

Insecure Me at that time let it go.

Confident Me now would have stood my ground and explained that “curt” is indeed a word and not just a name. During this incident I already had a suspicion the minority was right. Why? Because the minority consisted of a writer while the majority consisted of non-writers.

I am a writer and blogger for crying out loud. I deal with words every single day of my life. If anybody should have known whether “curt” was a legitimate word or not, it would have been me. Hence, one point for Herminia.

After I went home and did some extensive research, I can conclude and claim that I was one hundred percent right. *Giggles* I take great pride in being correct and knowing they were incorrect. Another point for me.

This is the part where I say I hope everyone learns from my mistake. Don’t let someone question you or doubt your intelligence when you are right.

Or you can stay silent and secretly laugh at their ignorance. Like me. Third point for aspiringwriter22. Who was right? I was. Who won? I did. Who is awesome? I am.


Self Doubt

Self doubt can kill you. Especially if you are a writer.