Falling In Love With Ebooks

I’ll be the first to admit I’m old-school, super traditional. I also describe myself as a stubborn person with specific habits.

Which is why for the longest time, I never even read an ebook, much less reached for one. But last year, I discovered I don’t mind them as much as I thought I did. So now I’m a fan.

I still and will forever love physical books. Nothing can replace the experience of turning real pages. Too bad they aren’t as portable as ebooks.

As someone who takes the bus and train, I love having a collection of books on my phone. I’m never truly alone then.

While in transit, I tend to pore over non-fiction. I love fiction, but I don’t love having to stop in the middle of a chapter when I reach my destination. With non-fiction, regardless of where I left off, I find it easier to pick up at a later point.

Both print and digital books have their pros, their cons. Either way, we can use the format that best suit our preferences or lifestyles.

Admittedly, I haven’t given audiobooks a go. Part of me wonders if I ever will. But it’s great to know that many people out there love listening to them.

I don’t own a dedicated e-reader of any kind. My phone does a decent enough job. But if anyone wants to get me one, I wouldn’t be opposed.

No matter the form it takes, reading is a wonderful thing. I will never be against anyone who loves any and all kinds of books.


20 Items On My Writer’s Wishlist

  1. A library all to myself. 
  2. A lifetime supply of stationery: black pens, blue pens, red pens, papers of assorted colours, pencils, sticky notes, notebooks, and everything else I could buy at Staples. 
  3. An endless supply of magical plot solutions that will make sense in my book. 
  4. A lifetime supply of USB’s to back up my writing.
  5. A stash of snacks: chocolate bars are preferred.  
  6. An eBook reader with a million books on it. 
  7. A Mac laptop with all the programs and software an aspiring writer could ever use.
  8. Comfortable earphones custom-made to fit in my ears.
  9. Noise cancelers so I will never be bothered again when I am writing. 
  10. An awesome support system filled with family, friends, fans, followers, and readers.
  11. Skilled editors who provide excellent advice.
  12. A personal trainer who will force me to exercise every day. 
  13. A generous friend who will tell me to go outside and see the world once in a blue moon.
  14. An agent who has a keen eye for what sells and what doesn’t.
  15. A select few individuals who will be “excellent enemies” and will push me to prove myself. 
  16. A full time housekeeper so I may work without worrying about washing the dishes or moping the floors. 
  17. A handful of people who know everything there is to know about law, business, politics, technology, wars, history, etc. 
  18. A celebrity willing to endorse everything I write. At least all the good, better-than-mediocre-stuff that I write. 
  19. Anyone witty enough to create a Twitter account to promote my blog. 
  20. Someone to sustain this blog after I pass away.