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We’ve reached that point in the semester where professors start crushing my fragile ego.

What a time to be alive.

But I’ll manage somehow.

I still don’t know how I did so well in my first year. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t as jaded. I’m much more cynical now as well. Or maybe it’s because I actually read the assigned articles and books.

Second year was an inconsistent one. I was all over the place with my grades. I did better in some courses than others, which makes sense. But the negativity bias gets me every time. So I tend to focus on all the bad marks rather than the good ones.

I’m not sure how the rest of this year will play out, but if I’m failing miserably and drowning in school work, you’ll hear all about it.

As someone who prioritizes my passions among other things, I’m still content with where I stand right now. Although if you give me another month, I might change my mind. I’m human after all.

Let’s talk about opportunity cost, shall we? I’m aware the time I spend dancing every day could be spent studying. But I choose to dance. And that isn’t going to change even if I’m not getting a 4.0 GPA.

Many things matter more to me than my grades. My health. My happiness.

Because I have high expectations for myself, I’m not sure I’ll ever be happy with any mark. Oh, a 90? That’s not a 95, is it? An A-? Why not an A+?

Maybe I should never check my grades ever again. I’m fairly confident I won’t fail anything. I don’t have to worry about that. If I did, I’d be a complete wreck.

Ignorance is bliss. What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

Or perhaps I should check all my grades and have my ego destroyed every single time.

Either way, I don’t benefit. You just can’t win as a student, can you?

All this being said, I love learning. I’m grateful to be able to get an education. I hope I never take that for granted.

I’m fortunate. I’m lucky. I can’t imagine not being able to go to school. I can’t imagine not knowing how to read or write. And my heart breaks for everyone out there who aren’t in a position to learn.

I still think I’ll jump for joy and do cartwheels around my house when I graduate in 2019. I can’t wait. I’m excited to experience life after school.

There’s so much I want to do. And turning down full-time job offers because I’m a full-time student isn’t something I want to do my whole life.

For now, I’ll try to enjoy the good things about being a student and embrace the bad.


Some Reminders About School

You go to school to learn, not to prove that you’re some perfect, infallible human being.

So it’s okay to make mistakes, to fail. That’s when you learn the most or should anyway.

Stop focusing on your grades, your GPA. Start focusing on getting a good education.

Learning doesn’t stop after graduation. It shouldn’t stop ever. Keep your eyes and ears open. There’s always something you don’t know.

Figure things out on your own. Don’t give up right away when the going gets though. You have to solve some problems by yourself without anyone else helping you. Still, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Do great work.

Don’t cheat. You’re only cheating yourself. Not just in the traditional sense either.

Be your best.

Personal Reflection

World Teachers’ Day

October 5th is upon us. It’s World Teachers’ Day today, as I’m sure you’ve probably gleaned from the title or elsewhere, but remember to celebrate educators every day.

World Teacher Day

The folks at Grammarly did an amazing job making this infographic. I wish I had even half the skills they did.

Many thanks to every teacher out there.

Continue to inspire.

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International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was yesterday, so I’m a bit late to the party.

However, raising awareness about the importance of literacy any day never hurts.

Grammarly has created a lovely infographic about global literacy. They even wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here.

Literacy Day

I hope you are able to help the cause by getting involved in whichever way you can.


University Versus High School

I can’t really do a comparison of the two (yet) since I haven’t attended university and I’m still in high school.

However, for those of you who have experienced both, I would like to know which one you liked better. Of course, don’t feel obligated to share your answer. Don’t feel pressured to explain why you enjoyed one over the other either. This is just my way of preparing myself for the future, even though I am aware everybody’s experience is different.

I appreciate anyone who does. Thank you for your time. I should really start reimbursing everyone who follows my blog, reads my posts, and leaves a comment or twenty.

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Happy International Literacy Day!

Let me first start off by telling you a story.

I was sitting beside someone. (I won’t name names.) This person (I rather not specify which gender either) was sitting beside me. Interestingly enough, we were writing in class on this particular day. Being a curious writer, I glanced over at their paper. What I saw made me cringe. This person used ‘fell’ when they actually meant to use ‘feel’ and this led to…you can guess how this ends, right?

Never mind. I’ll tell you how it ends. For an hour, I was completely dumbfounded. But after my shock receded, I came home to pen this post even though I already had one scheduled.

By grade 12, shouldn’t you be able to distinguish between the two? Feel. Fell. Fell. Feel. They don’t even sound the same for crying out loud.

Which got me thinking…

Why does 99 percent of the population at my school hate reading?

I mean if everyone read, this ‘fell’ versus ‘feel’ mistake wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

So now I feel like I’m trapped in an island where everybody is privileged enough to have an education but unappreciative enough to be illiterate. Get me out of here.

OK I know I sound like a total jerk, but by 16, 17, 18, one does not simply confuse two words that don’t even sound the same.


Someone tell me they plan on reading today. For my sake and sanity.


13 Effective Study Techniques I Use

With exams right around the corner (for most semester-ed high school students), I’m surprised I managed to dig up an old post (that was first created 5 months ago in August).

I realized this stuff is much more relevant now than during the summer. Even if this doesn’t pertain to you at the moment (full-year guys and gals), it might sometime in the future.

  1. I divide my study time into small sections spaced over the course of a week (if possible).
  2. I ensure I have all the necessary notes before beginning study sessions.
  3. I balance my time as equally as possible with all my courses.
  4. I use the resources I have to my advantage.
  5. I determine what topics/concepts/ideas are most likely going to be covered on the exam or test.
  6. I make full use of study questions, study guides, or previous exams/tests/quizzes if available.
  7. I try to predict possible questions or problems I will be tested on and attempt to answer them accordingly.
  8. I review and relearn, not redo.
  9. I study actively by asking critical-thinking questions.
  10. I choose not to obsess over organizational activities or trivial details.
  11. I apportion my studying time, as well as my exam writing time, according to how much each component of the test is worth.
  12. I memorize what I need to memorize, understand what I need to understand, and explain what I need to explain.
  13. I stimulate the real thing before taking the exam or test.
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A Thank You To Teachers

This is a shout-out to all the wonderful teachers I’ve had in the past, current professors, and future ones. Love you all. 

Thank you for being patient and caring

For being honest and understanding

I’ve fallen down and faced strife

Still you’ve managed to change my life


I hope I never disappoint you

I’m sorry if I ever do

I’ll try until I get it right

Know that every day I continue to fight


Seeing you puts a smile on my face

Now I know I’m in the right place

You make everything better

I will remember you forever