April 2015: What I Love

The regular feature is back. Are you excited or are you excited? You can’t choose to feel any other emotion except excited.

You can read all about what I loved in March here. Surely, you won’t be surprised at all.

Well, this isn’t a shocker either. I want to confess my love for Writing 101 this April. (I promise next month I’ll move past my obsession with the WordPress 101 courses.)

I love it so much. Writing 101 has helped me more than every English and creative writing class combined. There are things you just don’t learn in a classroom or from a textbook.

Who needs school when one has Blogging 101 and Writing 101, right?

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What I Want To Tell My English Teacher

I want to tell her I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year. By that logic, I think I deserve a short hiatus from English class in order to focus on writing fifty thousand (or more) words in one month.

I bet this conversation will go over really well.

“Hey, um I’m thinking about doing NaNo this year.”

“So?” Stern look.

“Can I—”


“Oh, okay.” Meekly walk away.

Hmm, maybe I’m being too harsh?


NaNoWriMo Analogy

NaNoWriMo is like giving birth for 30 days. And then, on the last day, you have a baby.

Sorry for my terrible analogy. All my better analogies were stolen away and used for English class.

You know that feeling, right?


Why Am I Failing English Class?

First of all, I’m not failing English class. I don’t think I ever have. I do, however, know some people who have indeed failed, meaning they didn’t achieve at least a 50 percent as their final mark. How tragic.

So why did they fail? Or maybe why are they failing?

Never fear, I’m here. I’m going to answer that (even though I really should be completing my English homework).

  • You hate analyzing. And I mean you absolutely hate it. Take me, for instance. I don’t see the point in analyzing a piece of work. Why can’t I just analyze my own work? Hehe, just kidding.
  • You don’t ever receive constructive feedback from your peers. I only have two reasons for this. You’re an advanced writer (read: published) and your classmates are not. Or nobody wants to help you get better or see you improve out of pure spite and jealousy. From past experience, it’s usually the former. Sometimes the latter. Once in a blue moon, both simultaneously occur.
  • You get stuck in groups where you do all the work. You write it, you edit it, you present it. But then these group-mates get credit for your hard labor. Someone please just rip out my heart right now. Don’t worry about returning it either.

That’s all I have for today.

If you would love to see more reasons, I can make that happen. Blogging beats doing English homework any day.

Am I right or am I right?


Why Do I Hate English Class?

Why do I hate English class? 

I’ll attempt to answer that question in depth. Disclaimer: I lied about the in depth part.

It’s strange when I say I hate English class but claim to be an aspiring writer.

Anyhow, here is a list of three reasons. Trust me, this written list is nothing compared to my mental list.

  1. Teachers make you read cryptic stories.
  2. Those cryptic stories are impossible to find on Goggle.
  3. Your understanding (or lack thereof) about these cryptic stories greatly affect your mark.

I would love English class if…

  1. I got to write my own stories.
  2. I got to read interesting stories.
  3. My mark in class was not based on an analysis of a story.

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What I Wish English Class Was Like

Reading a dictionary to learn new words that are

  • useful,
  • helpful,
  • and purposeful.

That’s my kind of English class right there.


Why I Wanted To Cry Today

Today, I wanted to cry during English class because I had forgotten to bring my notebook to school. The irony, eh?
See, the struggles of a writer are real.
Never again. I can’t believe this even happened in the first place.
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I Never Thought I Would Hate English Class

But I do. And I am a writer. And I am a blogger. And I am a reader.

Goes to show you that anything in life is possible.