Personal Reflection

Make Time For Yourself

You have to make time for yourself. It’s okay to look out for your best interests. It’s all right to take all the time you need.

Do what you need to do, whatever that means for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone, being by yourself.

We’re more connected than ever before thanks to cell phones and social media. Sometimes it’s hard to put technology down and not stare at a screen all the time. That being said, human connection is necessary.

You’re a human being. Believe it or not, I’m human too.

You aren’t a machine. You need to interact and communicate with others. But know your limits. Remember them when you need to put your foot down.

Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart and your head. Because at the end of the day, you have to make yourself happy.

People respect you if you respect yourself first. At least, the people who respect themselves will. It’s tough though. But you live and learn. That’s how life goes.

Some people might not understand. Don’t worry about them. Worry about yourself.

Do what sets your soul on fire, even if you were the last person on earth.

What’s something you look forward to? What’s something you love more than anything else in the world?

Never let excuses run or ruin your life. You only have so much time.

Hold onto your values, your beliefs. Only change for the better.

Make time for yourself, so you can take care of yourself.


Why I Don’t Always Hit Publish

I try to post every day, but I don’t hit publish if…

  • a post isn’t ready yet.
  • I’m not proud of what I’ve written.
  • the poem, story, etc., begs to be longer.

I have more reasons, but the above three are my main ones.

My excuses include:

  • I’m tired.
  • I’m lazy.
  • I’m uninspired.
  • I’m not motivated.
  • I’m horrible at managing my time.
  • I’m amazing at procrastinating all day and posting at night.

I’ll spare you the rest of my excuses.

Blogging isn’t easy. It never will be.


When I Don’t Blog, Here’s Why

I didn’t publish a blog post yesterday. But I thought about blogging. That counts for something, right?

I know, in the future, there will be days I don’t get anything up. So if you’re ever wondering why I didn’t publish a post, you’re in luck.

I did everyone a favour and listed some of my excuses down below.

You’re welcome.

I felt tired.

I know it’s a terrible excuse. But it’s usually not the only one I have on any given day.

I fell asleep.

Funny enough this happened yesterday. I guess I really was that tired. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again.

I didn’t feel well.

Even though I enjoy blogging, I don’t enjoy it as much when my head is pounding.

I ran out of time. 

On days I don’t manage my time well, I publish posts at 11:59 PM. On days I don’t manage my time at all, I publish posts the next day.

I just couldn’t bring myself to hit the post button.

There are a number of reasons for this. I could write an entire blog post on it. In fact, I just might.

Now you know.


Where Did NaNoWriMo Go?

I don’t know.

How is it possible that NaNoWriMo is almost over? 

It felt like it just started yesterday.

As busy as this month has been, I’m not ready for the darkness of December to descend upon me. I’m not ready for NaNo withdrawal, which is very real in my world.

I need something to use as an excuse.

Why do your blog posts suck?

Because it’s National Novel Writing Month.

Why are your grades so bad? 

Because I’m writing a novel.

I won’t have a legitimate excuse in December. Not like I had one in November. But at least as of late I could try to justify not doing something or not doing it well. 

I hope you don’t take this post too seriously. I’ve already started to suffer just thinking about saying goodbye to NaNoWriMo.


You Don’t Want To Blog?

Oh, you don’t want to blog?

Are you being lazy? Are you feeling tired? You aren’t up for it? 

Do you want to sleep? Are you exhausted?

What’s that? You have no time? God forbid you’re busy? 

You have nothing to say? You don’t know what to blog about?

It’s not fun? It’s stressful? You’re not enjoying it? 

You want to do something else. Wait, you’d rather do anything else?

You have other things to do? 

Well, isn’t that a shame. 

Whenever I don’t feel like blogging, I’ll return to this post and remind myself that my excuses, any and all of them, suck. 


5 Sins You Don’t Want To Commit As A Writer

As a writer, there are sins you want to avoid at all costs.

  1. Making excuses. You aren’t too busy. You have the time.
  2. Copying someone else. You are your own person. You don’t need to steal ideas from anyone else because your brain is perfectly capable of coming up with some yourself.
  3. Whining. All that time spent complaining can be better spent doing something productive.
  4. Disrespecting others. How hard is it to respect people?
  5. Not writing. Words won’t start writing themselves. Forget waiting until you’re motivated or inspired. Forget feeling ready. Just start.

You can do this! You’re a writer, remember?


10 Writing Excuses (That Are Excuses)

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t know how to begin.
  3. I don’t know what to write about.
  4. I’m too busy.
  5. I’m not inspired.
  6. I’m not sure how to say what I mean.
  7. I hate what I write.
  8. I have writer’s block.
  9. I have nothing to say.
  10. I have other things to do.

The Wannabe Writer

Phrase: The Wannabe Writer

IPA: [ðə] [ˈwɑnəˌbi] [ˈraɪtər]

Pronunciation: thuh/wonuh-bee/rahy-ter

Definition: An individual who wants to be a writer, but doesn’t write.

Example: Me. I want to be a writer, but I don’t always write.

Sentence: Don’t be the wannabe writer.