Don’t Tell Other People’s Stories; Tell Your Own

Stories are special because we’re able to share our lived experiences with others.

If people want to tell their story, they will. Listen because you never know what you might learn.

Almost any experience can be a story. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Humans are storytellers. But storytelling is an art in and of itself. So tell the story you’re meant to tell. Tell it the only way you know how.

You’re different from everybody who came before you. Embrace your differences.

Write the book you want to read. Don’t write someone else’s story.


Why You Should Buy Books

Why spend your hard earned cash on the commodity known as books?

Because you should buy experiences. Not products. Not objects. Not things.

So never feel guilty for buying a book. You’re buying an experience. An experience you’ll never get anywhere else.

Life boils down to experiences. Yours. Not someone else’s.

It’s simple, really.

Buy experiences. Write experiences. Experience experiences.


The World Is Ridiculous

Why aren’t all writers making a fortune? If they can master a language, a few numbers to manage is nothing.

Why aren’t writers controlling every inch of the Earth? After all, they are capable of writing stories about other worlds.

Writers can craft imaginary experiences and create fictional characters. Surely they can do everything.

Don’t you love my thinking on a Saturday night?


Worst Thing That Can Happen To Writers

When the power goes out while you’re writing on the computer.

Worse, when the power takes an eternity to come back on.

Even worse, when your work doesn’t save.

Speaking from experience although it’s more like an exaggerated experience.

Perhaps the world is telling me I should get used to writing by candlelight.

Personal Reflection · Writing

Why Bad Things Happen

Why did you fail that test? Why did you get a bad mark? Why did you break up with him? Why did you fight with her?

So you can write about it. Duh!

The more experiences you amass, the easier it is to write about life—convincingly.

Also, you can relate and sympathize with other people and even with fictional characters when you’ve been through it before.

Above all else, bad things happen to make you a better person. At least it should…