Personal Reflection

You Are Not

You are not a number on the scale.

You aren’t a grade, a GPA.

You are not how much you make.

You aren’t the number of books you’ve read or the number of articles you’ve published.

You are not the friends you have on Facebook or the followers you gained on Twitter or the likes you get on Instagram.

You aren’t the views on your blog, the subscribers on your channel.

You are not any of these things.

You are so much more.


What Happens Before A Post Is Written

Here’s a list of things that happen before I write a blog post.

  • Think about blogging.
  • Decide to write a new post.
  • Stare at blank page.
  • Open three new tabs.
  • Check email.
  • Check Facebook.
  • Check Twitter.
  • Thinks about blogging again.
  • Decide to write a new post again.
  • Check email again.
  • Check Facebook again.
  • Check Twitter again.
  • Close those three tabs.
  • Stare at blank page again.
Blogging · Reading · Writing

Three Options, Pick One, No Explanation

The title says it all. There are three options, I pick one, but no explanation can be given.

If you don’t care for my answers, cover mine and come up with your own.

Black, blue, red ink?


Blogging, reading, writing?


Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?


Poetry, short story, novel?

Reading: novels. Writing: short stories.

I hope you appreciate my laziness. I know I don’t.

Personal Reflection

What Won’t Kill You

Did you miss me? No? It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to.

If you noticed that I didn’t post anything on any social media site yesterday, kudos to you. Such an observant individual. You’re one step closer to being a writer. Or a better one.

I took a break from posting and from going on the computer in general. It was a much needed break for me to recharge.

I failed at managing my time on Saturday so I decided to take a day off WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

But no worries I’m back. I’m better. I’ll be blogging and being a bother.

Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine. In case you thought the worst, in which case you’re probably a writer.

I feel like a brand new person right now. It’s amazing.

Breaks are beneficial. Repeat after me. Breaks are beneficial.

Take one. A day off won’t kill you.


Pre-writing Ritual

What I anticipate will happen:

Sit down.

Start writing.

What actually happens:

Check email.

Check other email.

Check WordPress.

Check Facebook.

Check Twitter.

Check Tumblr.

Check time.

Freak out.

Open a Word document.



Pick One: Social Media Edition

Two options. Pick one. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t use all of these so I definitely have my own bias in certain cases.

Also, I did my best to pair similar apps/services/sites together so if you’re looking for an alternative, you may be in luck.

All opinions are my own. I’m not going to bother explaining why I picked one over the other and shove my sentiments down your throat. We like what we like.

WordPress or Blogger?


Instagram or Tumblr?


Facebook or Twitter?


Hotmail or Gmail?


Google Plus or LinkedIn?


Pinterest or StumbleUpon?

Pinterest. or

Goodreads or Wattpad?


Dropbox or Google Drive?

Google Drive.

Evernote or Simplenote?


YouTube or Vimeo? 


Flickr or DeviantArt?