How To Be A Happy Writer

Because happiness is important. And writing is too. Can you feel happy and be a writer at the same time? You most certainly can.

Love something other than writing.

Good food. Old books. Your dog.

Love yourself.

There’s so much to love and so little we usually do.

Love enough.

Not too much, though. Too much of anything isn’t healthy.

I hope you love. I hope you’re happy. I hope you will keep writing!

Personal Reflection

August 2015: What I Love Birthday Edition

So I finally get to explain why my “What I Love” posts are on the 22nd of every month.

Cue drumroll please.

No? Okay.

My birthday is August 22, 1997.

I figured it’s fitting to devote a monthly post in honour of something or someone I love. At the very least, it’ll make me more appreciative of all that I have.

Because I’m turning 18 today and I’ll already be a year older by the time this post is up, I’m making a list of 22 concepts/people/things I love. In no particular order, of course.

  1. Speaking of lists, I love them.
  2. The number 22 for obvious reasons.
  3. August. I’m lucky I don’t have to go to school on my birthday.
  4. Simple Plan. I need to see them play live.
  5. School supplies and stationery. I’m cheating, I know.
  6. Shopping. Um, uh…let’s move on.
  7. Good food. I adore eating.
  8. Great music. How does anyone hate it?
  9. Red. It’s my favourite colour.
  10. Challenges. Bring them on.
  11. Teachers and mentors. I am indebted to them.
  12. My family for supporting me and stroking my ego.
  13. My friends for making me cry tears of laughter and joy.
  14. My enemies for telling me lies that I will never allow to be true.
  15. Pens for composing my stories.
  16. Notebooks for carrying my words.
  17. Dancing. And all things associated with it like dancers or dance shoes.
  18. Blogging. Again, anything related to blogging as well. Other blogs. Beautiful bloggers.
  19. Writing. Creating characters gives me life.
  20. Reading. Books were my first love.
  21. Myself. Because self-love is important.
  22. You! I don’t say this enough though I ought to; I love you.

Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors

So the assignment for today is:

Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

In case you’re wondering, I just followed the following (ha, get it?):

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Beauty
  • Food

And after I finish writing this post, I’ll stalk some bloggers. Oops that was an honest slip of the tongue. I meant to say I’ll follow several new blogs.

If you’re reading this and I’m not following your blog, I grant you permission to call me crazy.


Last Week Of NaNoWriMo—A Survival Guide

  1. Eat good, nutritious food. On second thought, try to.
  2. Avoid looking like a zombie once December rolls around. Hint: sleep.
  3. Kill your inner critic. Literally. You can always revive him/her/it later.
  4. Sit your derriere into your chair. Use glue if you must.
  5. Abandon everything, okay fine, not everything. You know what I mean. Go write. Right now.

I can’t wait to see your lovely faces (not your I-haven’t-slept-in-four-weeks-so-I’m-gradually-turning-into-a-zombie one) and your beautiful manuscripts. Yes, your manuscript is beautiful. You’ll most likely make it more beautiful in due time. But first you need to finish. If you’ve already finished, you can disregard half of this post.

Good luck even though most of you don’t need luck.

Have a wonderful last week of November, which should really be called National Novel Writing Month by everyone. Non-writers especially.

Personal Reflection · Reading

Family, Food, Fun

What more can I possibly ask for? Aside from a good book, of course.


Everything I Love About Summer


In particular, it’s my 17th birthday this year. Here’s to growing up and getting old.


There is more daylight, which is fantastic, because I prefer reading in natural light.


I love eating in the summer. Give me a tub of ice cream and I will love you forever.


The best season to shop is the summer. When I’m not wearing as many layers.


Some days I feel like I have an endless amount of time to enjoy life. It never lasts.


A Writer’s Expenses

For those curious souls…

A Writer's Expenses

This is not to say every writer spends their money this way. But the above is quite accurate when applied to me since I made this graph by myself on Microsoft Excel. I originally planned to do a pie chart but I found that creating the above was much easier.

Clothing: A writer can do without a closet full of clothes, shoes, and accessories. What can’t they do without? I mention this later.

Living: By living, I mean the things I want and desire but can survive without. Entertainment falls in this category.

Surviving: Surprised that my surviving expenses are so low? Well, excluding eating and writing, I don’t need much to survive.

Eating: A writer cannot function when starved or malnourished. Food is important.

Writing: But writing is more important. Which is why half my expenses go towards the purchasing of writing supplies (notebooks, books, pens, etc.) and more.

I don’t live an extremely expensive lifestyle…at least that’s what I have assumed for the past few years. Think of it this way, if you gave me a hundred dollars, here’s how I would spend it…

  • $50 for writing related supplies or materials
  • $25 for food and drinks
  • $15 for necessities
  • $7.50 for fun/recreation
  • $2.50 for a pair of socks

Day 27—NaNoWriMo: Are you a real writer?

I realize that many of you are probably tired for obvious reasons. So I promise to give you a straightforward question today.

Are you a real writer?Trick question; obviously, you are. If you weren’t a writer you wouldn’t be attempting to write a novel in a month, would you? Silly me. My brain must be malfunctioning from lack of sleep, food, water, air, and all of life’s essential needs. Like this post if you can relate. Like this post even if you can’t relate.

And since I consider myself a writer, I’ll be cheering every other aspiring novelist on. I’ll clap for you at the finish line and we can throw a party on November 30th regardless of your word count. You tried. 7 billion other people didn’t.

So party away with whatever you accomplished this month, okay? Reward yourself. You’re different than everyone else because you are a writer, but you’re still human, so don’t forget to catch up on some sleep in December. Sounds like a good plan, no?

Take care because Christmas will soon be here.