Personal Reflection

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for giving.

And I hope you give thanks today, tomorrow, every day. 

I took a moment just now to reflect on how grateful and thankful I am.

But I also realized I want to start giving back more. I’m not sure how. I just know I can do better.

I want to be someone who can give all the time without expecting something in return.

I want to give to people who helped me get to where I am today.

I want to give back to you. 


How I Feel About Book Recommendations‏

I can dedicate an entire post on book recommendations, so I’m doing exactly that.

Giving book recommendations:

I give because people ask. Also, I’m predisposed to philanthropy because I am generous by nature. Ask anybody who has had the pleasure of benefitting from one of my many unselfish acts. That being said I don’t expect everyone to love what I love or dislike what I dislike.

As a side note, I’ve acquired different tastes over the years. So a book I enjoyed three years ago may not be as enjoyable now. Case in point, I rate books on Goodreads based on my feelings of the book during and right after reading.  Meaning I may not feel the same way about a book as time goes on. In my opinion, the 5 star rating is not and never will be an accurate representation.

My experience has made me wish people were more decisive. You’re choosing a book, not choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Receiving book recommendations:

I’m open to receiving them so long as the giver doesn’t try to shove it down my throat. In most cases, subtlety is an effective approach. If you really want me to read something, mention it in passing. Do not make the title or author your most used phrase in conversation.

As you can tell, I tend to give book recommendations more than I receive them. Then again, if you think I’ll enjoy a particular story or novel, feel free to let me know.

I can’t think of anything else to add. If or when I do, I’ll be sure to shove it down your throat.


3 Gift Ideas For Writers

Christmas is a week away. It is inching closer with every passing day. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, giving a writer a gift is the perfect way to get them to write you into their next novel. Or not.

Here are three gifts to get a writer this holiday season…or any day you feel somewhat rich.

  1. The next book (or twenty) on their reading list. Even better, an autographed copy.
  2. An up-to-date reference book on anything from the causes of El Nino to Siberian tigers. OK, that’s a lie. Think more along the lines of a grammar guide or style book. A writer can never have too many of those.
  3. A caboodle loaded with writing goodies. Anybody who believes caboodles are only for dancers is clearly not a writer.

What are you getting the writer(s) in your life?

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Ten Tried And True Test Taking Techniques

Ten Tried And True Test Taking Techniques, written by yours truly, is currently featured on the SLN (Student Life Network) blog.

If you are a student, click here. Now. NOW!

If you aren’t a student but you know someone who is, share away. It’s December, the month of giving (and getting). Plus Christmas is right around the corner. You’ll be helping so many people out and it won’t even cost you a cent!

If you don’t fall into the two aforementioned categories, you can still laugh at the GIFs…well, kind of.

Thank you in advance. Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the poll from yesterday. I’ll take your opinions into consideration as to what I will blog about next. You can still vote here.


What To Give A Writer For Christmas

What to give a writer for Christmas—which is two days away—will vary greatly depending on the writer.

Still some good gift ideas are listed below if you wish to please that writer in your life. This list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive either. 

  1. Books. Every serious writer is also a serious reader. 

  2. Notebooks. Every writer owns enough notebooks to fill a room or two. One more wouldn’t hurt. 

  3. Stationery. Pens, highlighters, post-it notes, etc. Anything you’d buy a child going back to school suits a writer trying to make a living. 

  4. Money. Everyone needs money, however; nobody needs money more than an aspiring writer. 

  5. Clean clothes. Just clothes would work too since writers aren’t the most hygienic species existing on earth. 

  6. Coffee, tea, and/or other stimulants. Keeping a writer hydrated and fed reduces burnout and writer’s block. They’ll thank you later.

  7. Gift cards. Gift cards to bookstores like Chapters or Barnes and Nobles, to office supply stores like Staples or Office Depot, etc., allows the writer to buy what they fancy. You know how picky writers are.  

But, of course, the best gift you can give a writer is time. And lots of it.


Day 25—NaNoWriMo: Where are you in the story literally and figuratively?

Where have 25 days of November gone? Into your novel of course.

Where are you in the story literally and figuratively?

Now’s a good time to assess your novel from the inside out since you can start validating your novel today. In fact, you have five more days to do so if you’re almost there but not there yet.

Where are you in terms of your story? Where are you in terms of your word count? Where are you in general?

The end is near. Hang on, hold on, and enjoy the ride for a few more days.

Since we’re so close to the start of December, I am starting to get into a giving mood. How about giving back to all of you, my wonderful readers and followers? If you want to me to do a post on any particular topic be it writing or blogging or something random, comment down below. I haven’t planned out any December posts since I’ve been so caught up with my NaNoWriMo ones so send me some suggestions. All ideas are welcome. Thanks.