Personal Reflection

20 Goals For 2018

A new year means new goals I’ll try to achieve but probably won’t.

  1. Read more.
  2. Review more.
  3. Write more.
  4. Publish more.
  5. Blog more.
  6. Comment more.
  7. Create more.
  8. Dance more.
  9. Stretch more.
  10. Exercise more.
  11. Sleep more.
  12. Eat more.
  13. Journal more.
  14. Study more.
  15. Work more.
  16. Give more.
  17. Smile more.
  18. Laugh more.
  19. Love more.
  20. Live more.

Less is more, Herminia.

What are your goals for the new year? Let me know in the comments below.

Personal Reflection

20 Goals As A 20 Year Old

I’ve come up with 20 goals for my 20 year old self.

  1. Worry less.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Put my happiness first.
  4. Ask for help.
  5. Think for myself.
  6. Say yes when I should.
  7. Say no when I shouldn’t.
  8. Move on.
  9. Write more.
  10. Be a better blogger.
  11. Learn from mistakes.
  12. Celebrate the small victories.
  13. Dance like someone is watching.
  14. Look after my health.
  15. Smile at strangers.
  16. Love a lot.
  17. Laugh out loud.
  18. Be mindful.
  19. Enjoy the present.
  20. Live life.

I know a lot of these are commonly used phrases, but I’m a walking cliché.

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6 Goals To Be Accomplished In 696 Hours

I don’t normally publish my goals on my blog. But online accountability tends to work for me, so hopefully this time won’t be an exception.


Sky Key by James Frey

  • Finish Sky Key. (It’s red. It’s lovely. It’s beautiful.)
  • Read Anna and the French Kiss. (I love the cover.)

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


  • Continue journaling every night before bed. (Less sleep? Yes, please.)
  • Write at least one poem a day. (I can’t write poetry.)


  • Publish one post every day. (You’ll pretend I did if I don’t, right?)
  • Finish my blog about blogging. (This is technically for a class, but I’m having so much fun, I don’t consider it schoolwork.)

Obviously I have other goals outside the realm of reading, writing, and blogging. But I don’t want to bore anyone more than I already have.

Happy late February by the way. We have an extra twenty four hours to read, write, and blog. How awesome is that?

By the time you read this, you won’t have nearly as many hours as stated in the title. Sorry not sorry.


Writing Resolutions 2016

Let’s hope I don’t make the same human error I did last year with my writing resolutions.

It’s going to be a great writing year. 2016 is a leap year, so we have 24 extra hours for all things writing. That makes my heart happy.

To ensure I actually get some writing done, I have three major goals I want to achieve.

  • I’ll continue to journal every day. Unfortunately, I struggle to fall asleep but journaling right before going to bed has helped tremendously.
  • I will submit one story, poem, etc., to a contest every month. I might even start posting the competitions so everyone can keep me accountable. And also so you’ll know what I know. I’m generous like that.
  • I hope to finish every project I start this year. I’m totally not sweating over this one.

Making resolutions is slowly becoming an annual tradition. In typical Herminia fashion, I keep trying to outdo my past self.

From one writer to the next, don’t forget the world is worse off without your stories!


On Daily Word Count Goals

If you’re wondering, I don’t have a daily word count goal. Even during NaNoWriMo, I focus my attention on getting the story written. Some days I’m below the average number of words, other days I meet the target, and on better days I surpass it.

Others writers swear by meeting a set word count every day. I’m not sure I want one.

Sure, it might make me more productive. On the other hand, if the target was set too high, I’d drive myself insane trying to hit it.

For now at least, meeting a daily word count goal isn’t my top priority.


Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Blogging 201 is happening. Of course I’m participating.

Today’s assignment:

Consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals.

To continue blogging during university (hopefully beyond that too). 

I won’t be blogging every single day in the next four years, but I hope to post as frequently as I can.

To grow aspiringwriter22 by gaining even more followers and views.

It has already exceeded my wildest dreams, gone beyond my craziest expectations. I’m grateful for every follower, every reader, every single one of you.

To support as many bloggers as I can by reading, liking, commenting, or doing whatever else I can.

I wouldn’t be the blogger I am today without all your support.

What are your goals? Remember it’s your blog and your life. So do as you please.


My 8 Goals As A Blogger

  • To make people laugh.
  • To make people cry.
  • To put a smile on your face.
  • To put a frown on your face.
  • To help you learn.
  • To help me learn.
  • To educate and empower.
  • To grow and prosper.

Blogging Resolutions

I am quite fond of creating New Year’s Resolutions, but since I am a blogger, I figured this year I’d make some blogging resolutions instead.

First I’d like to start off by sharing my generic goal:

“I want to be a better blogger.”

Next I’ll tell you how I plan to accomplish that.

I promise to comment more often. I am the absolute worst at this, so let’s hope this year I’ll be better. If I do not follow through with my promise, you have every right to yell at me. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Leave a comment or twenty nagging me about my lack of interaction and I’ll step my game up.

I resolve to follow more blogs. As much as I love having followers, I love following other blogs as well. So if I don’t follow your awesome blog already, annoy me until I do. I’m open to following any type of blog as long as you guarantee you’ll post some amazing content, pictures, videos, etc.

I will try to read more posts. Don’t get me wrong, I do this already. But I want to hear more of what you have to say, receive what you have to share, and read what you have to write.

That sums up my three main blogging resolutions. I know I may not follow through perfectly with my promises. Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you, not your mother.

I invite you to create resolutions of your own. They don’t have to be blogging related at all. If you plan on creating a post similar to mine, I’d love to read it.

Have a fantastic start to the new year! I wish you all the best in everything you do. Continue to blog because someone out there is always watching (or in this case, reading)!

Best regards,