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Happy International Literacy Day!

Let me first start off by telling you a story.

I was sitting beside someone. (I won’t name names.) This person (I rather not specify which gender either) was sitting beside me. Interestingly enough, we were writing in class on this particular day. Being a curious writer, I glanced over at their paper. What I saw made me cringe. This person used ‘fell’ when they actually meant to use ‘feel’ and this led to…you can guess how this ends, right?

Never mind. I’ll tell you how it ends. For an hour, I was completely dumbfounded. But after my shock receded, I came home to pen this post even though I already had one scheduled.

By grade 12, shouldn’t you be able to distinguish between the two? Feel. Fell. Fell. Feel. They don’t even sound the same for crying out loud.

Which got me thinking…

Why does 99 percent of the population at my school hate reading?

I mean if everyone read, this ‘fell’ versus ‘feel’ mistake wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

So now I feel like I’m trapped in an island where everybody is privileged enough to have an education but unappreciative enough to be illiterate. Get me out of here.

OK I know I sound like a total jerk, but by 16, 17, 18, one does not simply confuse two words that don’t even sound the same.


Someone tell me they plan on reading today. For my sake and sanity.

Personal Reflection

Something I Will Never Do In This Lifetime

Buying something with a blatant spelling or grammar mistake on it.

I don’t care that this is done deliberately some of the time. Buying a shirt with a misspelled word on it goes against my morals.

Crazy, aren’t I?


How Do You Not Cringe Every Time You Make A Grammar Mistake?

I simply cannot comprehend how some individuals can make a grammar mistake and not correct it. Do you not cringe at the sight of one? When you are the guilty party, how can you just let it go? Are you too lazy to go back and fix it? Heck, maybe you just don’t care. Maybe, I’m just crazy.

That said, I was debating spelling grammar with an ‘e’ to see how many of you would notice, but then again I nearly had a heart attack when I tried that.