Write The Right Way With Grammarly

I’m a broke university student who uses Grammarly, so I’m not a broke, failing university student.

Grammar Checker

Ever thought about investing in a grammar, plagiarism, and spell checker to take your writing to the next level?

Well, Grammarly can check all that and more!

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly improves communication among the world’s more than 2 billion native and non­native English writers. Millions of registered users worldwide trust Grammarly’s products, which are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.”

What do I get for Free?

You’ll get Grammarly’s best­in­class automated proofreader in three different formats. All of them will check your writing for spelling mistakes (including contextual errors) and 150 types of grammatical mistakes. Grammarly will also help you identify wordiness, vocabulary mistakes, and more. The three formats you will have instant access to are the online Grammarly Editor, the Grammarly browser extension, and Grammarly for your desktop.

Why Premium?

To give you a clearer picture of why many users choose to upgrade to Premium, here is a simple guide to the features available with both products.”

Grammarly Free Versus Premium

You can obviously get the free version for free. But why settle for free when you can upgrade to the premium version instead?

The editor has helped me fix countless of my most common grammar and spelling mistakes. You’d be surprised at some of the things I’ve typed. It should come as no surprise that the spell checker has saved me from utter embarrassment and total humiliation. There’s a reason why I never won a spelling bee growing up. I never will. I don’t deserve to.

Also, since everyone’s so fond of saying I plagiarized when I actually wrote the piece myself, it’s nice to know Grammarly has my back.

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate partner yourself? Sign up here.

If you use any of these links, I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll be supporting this blog. You will also earn my appreciation forever. What more could you possibly want?

I completely understand if you don’t want to or aren’t in a position to purchase Grammarly. But you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by simply trying the free version.

Thank you so much. As always, happy writing.

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What I Love-Observing People: March 2016

What I Love-Observing People-March 2016

Since I’ve come to realize that I’m capable of loving some things, I may or may not expand these “What I Love” posts to include a variety of apps, objects, etc. 

But then again everything is entirely dependent on my mood.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving this month:

The Grammarly Affiliate Program  

If you want to try out their grammar/spell/plagiarism checker, you could use my link.

If you’re interested in joining their affiliate program, you can do so here.

Only if you really want to, of course. Yes, I’ll make a bit of money. No, it won’t cost you anything extra.

Setting alerts on my calendar for important events

AlertEver since I showed up to a tutorial when there wasn’t one, I’ve vowed not to make the same mistake again.


Watching gaming videos on YouTube

I don’t game much anymore, but I watch other people play. It’s pretty much the same thing…

People submitting writer problems to my Tumblr blog: aspiringwriter22

Submitted to aspiringwriter22

I love seeing my inbox grow. It warms my tiny, dark heart. If you want to submit a writer problem, send them to me. I’ll give your blog a shoutout to my awesome followers.

Observing people on the subway

Since I don’t want to get sued, you’ll just have to imagine people on the subway and my observing them. It’s a writer thing.

I respect people’s privacy. I don’t respect many people, but I respect privacy.


I Don’t Believe In Dishonesty

I Don't Believe In Dishonesty-GrammarlyMaybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I’ve joined the Grammarly affiliate program.

Let me be completely honest, if you click the link and purchase one of their premium plans, I’ll make a bit of money. It won’t cost you anything extra. There’s a free version as well.

I would never sell something I don’t believe in and use myself. As a matter of fact, I’m using it right now.

While Grammarly isn’t fool-proof or perfect, it’s something to consider if you’d like a last line of defence in catching awkward typos, missing commas, or other errors.

I’ve been blogging for nearly three years, so money isn’t my first priority. It’s not why I write, why I blog. However, if you do use my link, I greatly appreciate your support in putting a dent in my school debt.

This doesn’t change anything.

I started blogging with the intention of reaching out to like-minded individuals. Of connecting and interacting. Of inspiring and motivating. I hope you know you aren’t alone because in my opinion, that’s the loneliest feeling in the world. I also know I’ve failed and made mistakes. But nothing will ever be more important than the act of blogging, writing, creating.

Thank you for understanding. Stay awesome!


Good Grammar Matters In Love

It matters for me at least.

That’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.

My standards aren’t too high. I just want him to care about grammar. Don’t you see how little I’m asking for?

In all seriousness though, Grammarly did their research and created this lovely infographic. It speaks for itself.

Good grammar gets you places. Don’t believe me? Then keep scrolling.


Be proud writers. Not everyone can write as well as you!

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End Of The Year Review And Thank You

Happy New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year. I don’t know when you’re reading this. But have a happy day regardless!

Thank you all for another amazing year. I’m grateful for every single one of you.

This blog didn’t do so poorly if I do say so myself. I got to review an awesome book, share interesting infographics courtesy of Grammarly, and confess something that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

I even wrote articles for Student Life Network as well as SUM.

I truly admire the work you’ve done and continue to do. You inspire me.

May 2016 be more awesome than 2015, 2014, all the previous years combined. You deserve it!

There are plenty more words to be written and stories to be shared in the new year. So happy writing, reading, and blogging.

I hope you’re happy and healthy and whatever else you want to be.

Stay great.


Should You Send Them A Holiday Card?

Grammarly does it again.

You can use the infographic to decide whether the people in your life are deserving of a card.

And if they are, then the six steps for success will come in handy.


Happy Holidays!

Remember card writing is still writing.

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International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day was yesterday, so I’m a bit late to the party.

However, raising awareness about the importance of literacy any day never hurts.

Grammarly has created a lovely infographic about global literacy. They even wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here.

Literacy Day

I hope you are able to help the cause by getting involved in whichever way you can.


The Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Grammarly Infographic

Coming your way in about three seconds is another infographic from the folks at Grammarly.

And yes, I love the Oxford comma as much as the next grammar enthusiast.

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic

Do you consider yourself a grammar nerd?