Personal Reflection

Stop Comparing

2017 needs to be the year I stop comparing myself to others.

Is that going to happen? Of course!

Who am I kidding…

Not you. And certainly not myself.

But I think I’ve gotten better at not comparing the lives of others in relation to my own. And I’m happier for it.


NaNoWriMo Realizations

NaNoWriMo Realizations

Since NaNo started, I’ve come to realize a few things. And maybe you have too.

I have more time than I thought I did. 

God knows what I did every morning before class in September. Managing my time wisely means not staying up until 11:38 p.m., writing frantically.

I underestimated the speed at which I write/type.

On good days, I don’t need an hour to reach 1,667 words. Being in the zone is a beautiful thing.

Writing a novel is more satisfying and will teach you a lot more than acing any test or exam. 

National Novel Writing Month reminds me that school isn’t everything. I’m much happier (albeit busier) when I’m working on personal projects outside of class.

What, if anything, have you realized?


How To Be A Happier Writer (Part 3)

  1. Don’t offend.
  2. Don’t pretend.
  3. Don’t quarrel.
  4. Don’t ramble.
  5. Don’t regret.
  6. Don’t slack.
  7. Don’t stop.
  8. Don’t tolerate.
  9. Don’t upset.
  10. Don’t victimize.
  11. Don’t wait.
  12. Don’t (e)xcuse.
  13. Don’t yield.
  14. Don’t zing.

How To Be A Happier Writer (Part 2)

  1. Don’t hate.
  2. Don’t hesitate.
  3. Don’t ignore.
  4. Don’t invade.
  5. Don’t jeer.
  6. Don’t judge.
  7. Don’t kid.
  8. Don’t kill.
  9. Don’t label.
  10. Don’t lie.
  11. Don’t marginalize.
  12. Don’t mock.
  13. Don’t neglect.
  14. Don’t nettle.

How To Be A Happier Writer

  1. Don’t abandon.
  2. Don’t avoid.
  3. Don’t blame.
  4. Don’t betray.
  5. Don’t compare.
  6. Don’t compete.
  7. Don’t deceive.
  8. Don’t doubt.
  9. Don’t expect.
  10. Don’t expose.
  11. Don’t fear.
  12. Don’t forfeit.
  13. Don’t gossip.
  14. Don’t gloat.
Personal Reflection

Working Harder In The Summer?

My observation from past years: I work much harder in the summer than I do from September to June.

Here’s why.

  1. I have more time. Hence more writing magic happens.
  2. I have no intention to burn in the sun. So I trap myself inside approximately 166 hours every week.
  3. I balance work with play. Therefore motivating me to work hard in order to play just as hard.
  4. I balance my priorities more efficiently. Thus I feel happier. 
  5. I’m well-rested. Which means I don’t look like a zombie every day.
  6. I’m not annoyed as easily. Since I do not have to see anybody I want to murder…in my next book. 

I hope to continue this tradition. You should too.

Have a great summer, no matter what you’re doing, where you are, or who you’re with.


Sometimes I Blog Because

Sometimes I blog because I want to forget.

I have to erase the pain. I need to stop thinking about something that is bothering me. Even if it’s only temporarily.

I know that’s bad. I know that’s such a selfish reason to blog.

But sometimes I blog because it’s the only I can feel better and be happier. Is that selfish? For wanting happiness? Especially if that happiness is for myself?

I blog for many reasons. I don’t just blog for myself. I don’t only blog to forget. Sometimes I do. Many times I don’t.

The world is confusing. Life is difficult enough. To make sense of it all, I blog. I write. I can say all the things I can’t say in real life. I share a part of myself with the world on my blog; unedited, raw, personal.

I blog out of fear; I blog out of love.

Personal Reflection

2 Ways To Be Happy

2 Ways To Be Happy