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What Summer Is Really Like

Happy first day of summer.

Yeah right. More like:

Happy needing to exercise yet never wanting to.

Happy telling yourself every day you’ll spend more time blogging.

Happy trying to read until your tears and sweat fall onto the pages.

Happy hibernating in your own home because it’s too hot to leave the house.

Happy writing an atrocious amount of words even though you don’t have people to see or places to be.


Keep Yourself Motivated

My master list of motivation tips.

You’ll have to click here (1-5) or here (6-10) for a more in-depth explanation of each.

  1. Find what or who you love about the story. 
  2. Make a friend keep you accountable. 
  3. Punish yourself. 
  4. Set deadlines. 
  5. Publish your story. 
  6. Play music. 
  7. Leave home. 
  8. Have fun. 
  9. Delay reward. 
  10. Start writing. 

This second post isn’t a cover up for my mistake.

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Problems With Working From Home

I know this post isn’t going to be as good as this one. Go ahead, respect my outright honesty. 

Working from home isn’t all fun and games.

Why? Because…

You’re pale.

The sun hurts.

You lack vitamin D.

The sun isn’t food anyway.

You can’t focus.
Blame your friends. Blame your family. Blame everyone and everything else except yourself for this. 

You work all the time.

Yet people still think you’re lazy. 

You work when you’re sick.

A fever has nothing on you. Neither does the flu. 

You’re lonely.

Isn’t everybody?

You rarely speak.

So your voice is all raspy when you do. That could be a perk actually. 

You know every inch of your house.

Because you never leave it. 

You have no idea how to interact with people in real life.

It’s not that important. 

None of these are problems. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they are. 

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Perks Of Working From Home

As a writer and blogger, I do plenty of work from home. I don’t make any money, but that’s another story. Talk to me in fifty-eight years. That’s when I hope to have my own home to work from.

Maybe you agree with these perks. Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to relate.

You don’t work for anybody.

Unless you work for somebody from home. Otherwise, you work for yourself.

You won’t see people you hate five days a week.

You could even stare at yourself all day long if you wanted to. Love your reflection. Learn to.

You don’t have to buy pants. 

You could if you wanted to, but how often are you going to wear them anyway?

You laugh at your water bill.

When’s the last time you took a shower? Besides if you don’t wear pants, you don’t need to wash them. No laundry? Yes, please.

You don’t believe in brushing your hair or doing your makeup.

Thank you emails. Thank you social media. Thank you conference calls where you can’t see people and people can’t see you.

You can work at 3 in the morning or 11 at night.

You could work at any and every hour. Who needs sleep when you have work?

You won’t be pushed around, literally.

On the bus or subway. On the sidewalks or roads.

Your office is not a toxic environment.

Hopefully. It’s not like you can talk badly about yourself behind your back.

You can make your own choices.

Talk to yourself to fill the void of voices? Stay silent and never speak? The decision is yours.

Isn’t working from home the best? Don’t bother begging to differ.

Creative Writing

No Place

I am nothing anymore

Inside your heart without a soul

No place to be

No place to seek peace

I am no one anymore

Outside your heart without a soul

No place to go

No place to call home

Personal Reflection

30 Before 30 Bucket List

I didn’t know I created a 30 before 30 bucket list. But I did. Like five years ago.

  1. Start a clothing line.
  2. Open a restaurant.
  3. Write a travel guide.
  4. Publish a book.
  5. Purchase a car.
  6. Renovate my home.
  7. Stay at a luxury hotel.
  8. Get married.
  9. Appear on a talk show.
  10. Run a marathon.
  11. Give back to others.
  12. Sing well.
  13. Act in a movie.
  14. Be a leader.
  15. Meet the members of Simple Plan.
  16. Try an exotic dish.
  17. Visit relatives in China.
  18. Graduate high school with a 90 percent average.
  19. Go to university.
  20. Speak at an event.
  21. Win a dance competition.
  22. Be fluent in 3 languages.
  23. Help other teenagers.
  24. Sky dive.
  25. Volunteer at the library.
  26. Cook an entire meal on my own.
  27. Love my job.
  28. Fund-raise for a charity.
  29. Learn to swim well.
  30. Coordinate a party.

Most of these are still relevant and applicable today.

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It’s Nice To Come Home To

It’s nice to come home to…

  • A blog.

  • A book.

  • A bed.

Does this post even need an explanation?

Personal Reflection

If You Do Not Follow Library Etiquette…Here’s What Will Happen To You

I will smack you so hard with a book, you will get a concussion. One that will affect you for the rest of your life.

You have all been warned.

The library to me is like a second home. And you simply do not ruin my happiness when I am at home.

Got it?